Paramount XKR Review

Posted on 14. Nov, 2001 by in Auto News

The Jaguar XK8 is a classic. Six years after its debut, the design is fresh, bold and dramatic. It is one of those cars that looks kinda almost silent. Okay, viewed from the side, the boat about two meters long to accommodate due to U.S. regulations all expensive cars to two golf bags. Nevertheless, the Jag rules. Freshens up Porsches, Mercs, Beemers and Lexi still can not compete with the sleek XK aggression. Sneaked into the club parking lot, the Jag proclaimed, "Warning guys, this cat has claws!"

Except not. Yes, the XK is fast. The standard 4.0-liter car zooms from zero to 60 in 6.6 seconds. The supercharged XKR makes the same dash in 5.1. But who loves life (or hates insurance forms) should not try to carry that speed into a corner. Emphasis XK8 is a cleverly disguised boulevard cruiser. Ask them wallow to change directions quickly and, well, is hippo-type. It does not matter if the XK 'hard-a-starboard "try rolling motions with brakes, acceleration, opposite lock or prayer meeting to happen. Bad things. Learn owner quickly restrict posing fun to straight blasts or slow motion.

In a way, the XKR is worse. Although it has more power, wider tires, stiffer suspension and brakes a little better, it lacks the XK EWS. A standard car, you can know you. With the limits of liability and chassis control before you crap out cubes The XKR will give you some advance notice of impending chaos and no quarter when it counts. It's Blitzkrieg driving: 1 second is all right with the world upside down, the next you are in a ditch with the Germans you laugh.

Fortunately for enthusiasts, a small tuning company called Paramount give the XK sports performance it deserves. And I mean small, Paramount is too small, which is too big Ford. We talk a mechanic stashed in the back of the owner commercial nursery, working on a car at a time. Simon Dyer, Paramount Sales Manager says, his company breathes his magic on some 150 XK year. Maybe. One thing is sure: a "normal" XK would take a look at a Paramount XKR 450 Grand Prix and say, "That's what I wanna be when I grow up"

Hunkering down ring on lowering, sporty 19 'shoes, breathes through a gray grille set in an all-carbon fiber trim business, bristles Paramount silver demonstrator with serious intentions. The engine provides a perfect soundtrack for the visual assault. A "normal" XK or XKR farting sounds like an ant in the next room. The Grand Prix is equipped with the patented Paramount 'Tiger Cat' exhaust system. When Simon fired it, the damn thing growled at me. Based on my experience so far, barely catching a tail-happy XKR on a long bend, I could not decide if the new vocal V8 was issuing a warning or a promise.

Simon took the wheel first. Ignoring warning signs hand-drawn visitors stroll through the greenhouses, Simon left the base camp in a Sweeney style spray of gravel. If gravel turned into asphalt, it is flat. The exhaust howled. The supercharger whine. The tires gripped. We were surfing on an endless wave of torque, straight to three digits – and a speed bump. Full anchor tore us again to a crawl in a little less than four seconds. It's hard to find a seller by an authorized Jaguar dealer conducted that introduce particular party trick. Of course he would not … on the wheels for the job

We joined the M40, and wrapped together nearly a ton. As I settled into the revised cabin, I was more than a little put-off by my surroundings. Paramount had replaced all the car wood panels with carbon fiber, the killing of the XK "gentlemen's club 'composure. Based in combination with black leather, was the effect of both taste and claustrophobic. Paramount craftsmen would be much better used looking for a sporty alternative to the ugly standard cars and unsupportive seats.

Simon sang the praises of the basic XK: build quality, reliability and ergonomics. He rattled the modified cars technical specifications: AP Racing brakes and calipers (