MG ZT190 Review

Posted on 13. Feb, 2002 by in Auto News

This is of course not the first MG badge engineering exercise. Although the Maestro and Montego is remain in our memories as a beige nightmares, the MG badge has the more palatable versions adorn including more mental Tickford Maestro Turbo. Check them out here: MG Links

The British ads for the MG ZT promise "fire breathing, full-bodied, red blooded" pleasures. In a country where speeding is as socially acceptable as puffing a Cuban cigar in a children's hospital, MG message is welcome news for car fools. Nevertheless, let's not get carried away, it's just advertising. Or is it? Is the MG ZT actually live up to the hype? Or it is an empty marketing exercise, shamelessly exploiting one of the most important brands Motorsports?

The whole concept is a bit disconcerting. The ZT on the Rover 75, BMW ode based on corporate hubris. No shadow of the eyeball assaulting color may mask the built ZT humble beginnings as a mid-market luxury boat for the blue rinse and flat cap fire. If ever a car was voted 'least likely to inspire someone ", the Rover 75 is is. Yet …

MG sent the demure 75 off the School of Hard Looks for a first-class degree in Restrained aggression. Graduates mesh front grille and a lowered stance betray his high-speed efforts without resorting to Japanese style sheets issued or razor blades. Subtle details and perfectly proportioned curves give the machine what MG talking signer Peter Steven calls "outside lane credibility". Max Power Muppets have a better word for it: "evil".

Inside, it's boring town. The ZT interior favors the automotive equivalent of this gray waterproof jackets from England's older-very practical and immediately forgettable. Someone in Rover marketing department has decided German pensioners have oval shapes are irresistibly soothing. Every single control is oval: air vents, gauges, horn, heater controls, door handles, mirrors, turn handles, window buttons, the lot. There is plenty of luggage space, but not enough rear legroom for four.

The few attempts to measure the sporting intent-the "technical finish 'fascia to inject, the sports seats' bright blue cushions, the red white dials – are less exhausting convincing than a coffee on a Nova Nevertheless clunk the door with Aryan soundness.. There is no paint or glue drips or bad unfinished edges. Nothing broke, fell off, failed or rusted during my assignment. octagonal MG badge Luck has nothing to the well-built, because, uh, always decorated.

The ZT-bred knob can not overcome the dreariness interiors, but it's a five-speed Getrag gearbox connected that the slots home like a bolt rifle. The smooth shifter hook you up to a 2.5-liter, 24-valve, transverse-mounted, quad-cam, six-cylinder engine. The maximum power is 189bhp @ 6500rpms. Since torque figures show-181 ft. lbs. @ 4000rpms-the urge is uniformly distributed over the entire speed range.

For the non-technical, that's barely enough grunt for a light roadster. Lest we forget, the ZT is a four door sedan. Fifteen hundred pounds is an awful lot of weight for a small capacity six to haul around. As a result, when it comes to speed, the ZT is only slightly more than sufficient.

The 0-60 sprint takes 7.8 seconds. This is very good compared to the Rover 75 is 8.4 seconds, but ridiculous for a car brand that you adopted a hooligan. Standstill to tons needed 22 seconds – nearly two seconds faster than a 2.5-liter Ford Mondeo. On the highway, stick the ZT in the fifth, plant your feet and … you'll eventually reach a barely-worth-the-risk 141 hours miles. Strangely, the transmission is biased towards cruise. 20mpg get when you leave the highway and him great, you'll be glad.

In his defense, the more leisurely MG ZT feels quicker than the figures suggest. The power delivery is smooth and content, except for the red line. Okay, the engine note as noisy as a night with a rover driver, but you're never left waiting for something to happen. Extract maximum performance is going to be as simple as' stamp, to change; stamp go change. "The ZT steering also helps the dynamics provides just the right amount of feel and feedback.

MG's engineers have made the now familiar pilgrimage to the Nürburgring to. The ZT suspension for ride quality and control Fettle It was worth the trip, the Z-axis (back) and McPherson struts (front) keeps things flat and happy through the twisties yet sufficient comfort for the long haul. The car ventilated discs are equally well sorted, you can scrub off speed like burnt eggs made of Teflon. The 18 "wheels generate significant tire roar, but it's a small price to pay for this amazing levels of balance, grip and control.

The MG ZT systems all work in harmony. A performance-minded drivers, you will find it easy to extract maximum enjoyment from the ZT surprisingly tame power plant. In short, the MG ZT is a well-built, mechanically demanding car, but not the rabid TVR wannabe its advertisements suggest. Not put too fine a point on it, is the MG ZT-the perfect four-door for British fans with