Lotus Elise S2 Review

Posted on 10. Mar, 2002 by in Auto News

Driving a go-kart is something of an acquired taste. They sit at a dinner tray, a few inches above the ground. You get a steering wheel, an engine, four tiny tires, suspension and rudimentary. . . that's it. At the rate the forces of acceleration, de-acceleration and lateral G unfiltered, and vicious. Nanny jailed for shaking babies have less violent. But if you love to drive, unleashed a go-kart a flood of adrenaline-crazed endorphins, it did so good. After haring around in a go-kart, driving a "normal" car feels like, uh, nothing.

I'm sorry, I said, Go Kart? I wanted to say 'Lotus Elise. Read the above paragraph again, replace the word 'Elise' for 'go-kart. "The differences between the two are obvious and important: size, doors, roof, gear and top end, the similarities are striking ride rel low enough to a Limbo scare dancers A tiny motor with a narrow but brutally effective power band…. steering and suspension so directly ask themselves where the machine and begins the nervous system. Put it all together and you have a road vehicle that you drive like a go-kart, with your entire body to the machine with zero delay, target laser-guided precision.

Cornering is his strength. A sharp corner in an Elise, and you're hooked. Serious traders can exploit the speed Elise sublime, from sweet-handling chassis and slide the car around a curve with a finger. Mortals can enjoy the car talents just by. Everything smooth and uniform Fast in, fast out. Shake it goes. Get in a rhythm of your favorite way, and you'll believe a man can fly. If you drive fast for the sheer bloody hell to enjoy it, the Elise is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.

There are few mechanical defects that interfere with your enjoyment. The engine note lacks charisma. A car this sensual howl earned a sort signature to drivers and their audience that Major Fun is in the house to remember. The brakes have more bite and feel they are effective as impressive. And the suspension crashes over potholes with so much force I checked the rearview mirror missing pieces. All this is nothing compared to the Elise feedback attitude and death grip on the asphalt. Also an MPV driving school-run Mommy was maximum enjoyment of each of the Elise to extract 120 horses.

Wait! Do not laugh. I know this is less than PS entry-level model Honda Accord. But the fiber Elise is a featherweight: only 750 kg. If you do not have a large lunch buffet is the Lotus' superb power to weight ratio, you can mix it with the big boys. The sprint from zero to 60 takes 5.8 seconds to less than half a second behind the Porsche Carrera. Additionally, if your butt to two meters above the ground, feels a little more quickly than walking pace. Sixty feels like 100 One hundred feels. . . You'd be lucky, mate. The Elise Tops at 118th And very nice it is too.

Anyway, you get the point: The Lotus Elise is the most beautiful street-legal car driver did it ever. Let us look now to the practical side. . .

There is none. The Elise is a sports car from The Old School, with a drafty classroom, rock hard beds and no AV equipment. In the relentless pursuit of weight reduction (and profit margins), Lotus Elise has equipped with bugger all. It's a decent heater. . . and that's it. The radio is a little tricky thing that can not keep up with the engine at full chat, or the wind at cruising speed. Carpets? Central locking? Not a chance. Trunk? What kind of handbag has to carry the lady? Fuel or temperature gauge? We need no stinking gauges! Where other manufacturers buyers advertise with refreshments and hi-tech toys, Lotus offers a Zen rock garden and have the courage to complain.

Not purists. Why should they? But there is no escaping the fact that the Elise is too damn small. In fact, if you are flexible, there is simply no access to the Elise. Period. I'm serious. Those who do not can. Yoga position as "bug" does not try to write to the four-foot slot between the roof and Elise doorstep without her chiropractor to Teed-up number for speed dial Middle-aged extraction is as dangerous and inelegant. You do not sit in the thing so much as wear it.

There is only one solution: Put the roof in the trunk and stand on seats. Much has changed about the difficulty of convincing the Elise was written to go topless, and all that is wrong. Once you slide the screen tabs from the end of the buttresses, the removal of the canvas and rubber-metal and mesh thing is simple. Replacing it is the bitch. A teenager loses his virginity would have an easier time figuring out which is something where and what is actually with him when his doing on the spot. But even that (the Elise roof). Easier after a little practice and a phone call or two Lotus' PR department

By far the biggest victim is required by the Elise design, the driver's proximity to the sidewalk. It's like sitting in the second row in a movie theater. If there's a car in front of you, there are a lot of car in front of you. A real truck seems no less epic than Moby Dick. Combined with a cramped cabin, it's enough to make you feel like a five year old. Die-hard drivers who do not suffer from even mild claustrophobia be satisfied.

The rest will follow. The Elise is a true classic, both the Lotus and its demanding doing (if rabid) owner proud. The car of the ergonomic limitations mean that the Elise is really only viable daily transportation for slim-line 20 or 30 year old in a hurry. The rest of us can and should be seen as the Elise a weekend or track day toy. As such, it can buy the best car for money. Despite the obvious stylistic elements-a pastiche of every supercar cliché ever done-the Lotus Elise is not a miniature Ferrari. Oh, no. It is much better than that.