Chrysler 300c Review

Posted on 09. Jun, 2004 by in Auto News

Now and then a car arrives, the convention is to the head. Cadillac CTS-V is a perfect example. Who would have thought that would be the foremost proponents of the floaty-drifty handling school can produce a sport sedan with sharper reflexes than a BMW 5-Series? The Chrysler 300C is another example. The last thing you can expect from DaimlerChrysler, a traditional Detroit automakers with German champions a bad-ass gangsta-mobile.

The 300C was designed for a drive-by shooter. Its narrow, high-set windows look more like wings as loopholes. His giant "egg carton" prow projecting a special feeling of physical threat. Slab sides, sharp pleats and sheer fill out the "urban assault vehicle" design theme. Not put too fine a point on it, what player would not want to roll up? In a car with such stylish resentment

The C-gang-banger face can shock tender feelings, but its appearance should not be a surprise. Blacks have long been the engine of U.S. culture, the expansion of its influence in the automotive arena is both logical and welcome. Based on Hot Rod and Street Culture, Haiti has implemented born designer Ralph Gilles vitality of a sector of dumbed down the inexorable rise of the SUV. Older buyers do not, but Gen Y will tell you straight up: The 300C is all. Thanks to Gilles. Thanks to Chrysler for letting the man do his thing. But what's really amazing is that the 300C is not an empty style statement as ridiculous under-engined Prowler or minivan in drag-PT Cruiser. It is a complete package, with all the space, performance and price it takes to win a wider audience. Let's start with the final frontier …

While environmentalists continue to break their sacred search for drivers from their gas-guzzling SUVs and shoehorn it into smaller, more economical cars, are not buying American. Literally. The vast majority of U.S. consumers (and for himself on the big) equated with interior safety, luxury, class and comfort. You are not wrong, and they're not afraid to cars, buy reflect their aspirations. The 300C massive crib inspire the masses. Super-sized drivers have a new place to call home. Passengers in the back seat to 40.2 "of legroom, 38" of headroom and 57.7 "shoulder sprawl. Aversive for the math that more living space than a BMW 7-Series.

Better yet, is the C the cavernous cabin audification of the glorious American car interiors. Gilles' crew has blended chrome to create mock tortoise shell leather and an understated but elegant chill-out room. The Dash four main dials – complete with polished metal bezels, tapered needles and classic typography – are Breitling bling. The switchgear is tactile, functional and discreet. Taken as a whole, the 300C is a deeply funky neo-retro masterpiece.

This particular piece of automotive history, technology weighs 4,046 pounds. That's a lot of art. Well, that C has a lot of power. More specifically, it is a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 is lurking in the engine compartment. With 340PS and 390ft.-lbs. Torque on tap, and a Mercedes E-Class autobox swapping cogs, the C is an effortless cruiser. Better yet, helps the HEMI MDS trick (Multi-Displacement System) of the Fab Four-door well over 20 mpg assuming you Green Baby pedal. If you do not do … Chrysler claims the C blasts from zero to 60 in 6.3 seconds. That would be fast enough to keep pace with a Porsche Boxster. Wrong. My stopwatch drove the C does the sprint in 5.6. That's faster than a Boxster S. The company expects that C can crack the