Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Review

Posted on 30. Nov, 2004 by in Auto News

Jeep latest ads make SUV buyers to believe that the new Grand Cherokee a pleasure to drive on the road. It is a stunning example of the "big lie" (people are more likely to be a massive deception as a bit of a think). If there is one thing that the heavily revised Grand Cherokee bad as any two-ton SUV, it has to be treated on the street. The SUV hovers ominously over dips and crests disturbing shudders over bumps and holes, and declines steeply through the twisties. I would hardly blow up a Grand Cherokee around a sharp corner when I drive an Enzo on the Rubicon.

Ah, the Rubicon. Even as McKinney-Rubicon Springs Road known, runs the unpaved stretch 12 miles through rugged California High Sierra Mountains. The official off-roader "difficulty scale of one to 10, the boulder-strewn, gully-infested Rubicon Prices a 24th (As a veteran plugger mud puts it, the only part of a vehicle that is not likely to break at the Con the radiator cap is.) To qualify as a "Trail Rated," a Jeep product must have enough traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, articulation and water fording, to cope with the Rubicon.

Well, maybe not the Rubicon. In fact, the Con is a share Grand Cherokee wrecked turn sooner than you could say "I told you we needed bigger tires and more ground clearance." Nevertheless guaranteed Jeep Trail-rating criteria, the Cherokee is a seriously capable off-roader.

Yes, but who needs a trail-rated SUV, pick-up the kids from school or braving the supermarket parking lot? Well, uh, no one. And while Chrysler PR reports that more Grand Cherokee owners off-road go as driver of the SUV "main competitor" (20% versus 11% for the Chevy Trailblazer and 7% for the Ford Explorer), there is no escaping the fact the majority majority of the Grand Cherokee tires spend their professional lives to kiss asphalt. You know it. Jeep knows. And that is why they believe that they want the civilized Grand Cherokee.

As long as you avoid the whole process problem, it's hard to argue the point. For one thing, the new Grand Cherokee cabin is as comfortable as the inside of a duly appointed sedan. The upscale Grand Cherokee combines robust, supportive leather with tasteful wood and high-quality plastics. Well fed adults still have the rear perches a bit cramped, but at least the leg no longer threatened deep vein thrombosis. And if you do not hit your head on the Boston Acoustics sound system, quality of construction, the Grand Cherokee an appropriately subdued atmosphere for intelligent conversation.

For example, as the Jeep Grand Cherokee reveals the exterior desire to incorporate the automotive mainstream. See the "box on stilts", to embody that and project the Grand Cherokee with the utility was mitigated discreetly. The new shape is longer, lower and wider, with a steeply inclined (not to say rakish) windshield. The brand new face and rounded headlight housing and a deep chin spoiler example of the departure from the army surplus Jeep design heritage into a modern, Orvis-like sensibility.

What's more, the Grand Cherokee a very refined engine in a Boeing turbofan has somehow way. In fact makes the 330-horse, 5.7-liter lump lurking in the engine compartment, the new limited the scramjet of mid-priced SUV. OK, 0 to 60 in 6.59 seconds is not exactly sub-orbital. Yet, unlike his classmates, the Grand Cherokee can get out of its own way-fast. It jumps off the line as fast as you can feel the rear 17 of the squirming for traction. At higher speeds, the Hemi-powered Limited loses much of its accelerative aggression, but retains its ability to cross without complaint.

Until you come to a corner. How bad is the Grand Cherokee handling on the road? After all, Jeep engineers have given the new model a independent front suspension, five-link rear suspension, rack and pinion steering, grippy all-season rubber, and everything should fail, ABS and ESP. Put it this way: if you go live, the Grand Cherokee bouncy ride and handling not shy dire enough to distract you from your lite rock radio. However, if you live to ride, perhaps Sir or Madam would like another look at more laterally gifted member of the DCX family?

Unless you an enthusiast who travel to the great American outback are happy. Then it's yee hah mirrors! I had to cane the Grand Cherokee on my local off-road course and me a peak experience. With Quadra Drive II, Jeep latest all-wheel drive system, it was point and scoot. Radiation over hill and dale, I discovered that the Jeep Grand Cherokee, rocks and slopes, what a Porsche 911 is being tight corners.

However, to leave the Grand Cherokee doubtful on the road manners, you need not respect his decision Jeep off-road capability and their trail rated roots. When the new Grand Cherokee is still better than those on side streets paved, so be it. There are many SUVs, the mediocre on both. As a Roman general Julius Caesar said as his troops across the Rubicon river original, "alea iacta est". The die is cast.