Cadillac STS Review

Posted on 10. Dec, 2004 by in Auto News

I like Cadillac. Them is the perfect American success story: a lack luxury car company through hard work, clever engineering and Gangbangers saved. Meanwhile, the brothers Mainline manufacturer is safe and the word is out: Cadillac is back, and it's bling. Know old white men in shiny shoes that the Escalade is all that is XLR dope is flying CTS and SRX is SWASS (Some Wild Ass Stupid Shit). So why-oh-why this four-wheeled caddy brew Forty Dog?

For some reason, where they focus the STS "design on the arrow-sharp CTS-minus. During 'front and rear ends to keep a welcome measure of CTS' STS aggression, the overall result looks like a fat gangster in a Brioni suit. The STS 'sloping grooves and ever-so-slightly bulging wheel arches can not hide the fact that it is a panel luxobarge of the old school, with all the blingosity a Lincoln Town Car Admittedly, this was have the point:. a luxury Auto-build conservative enough for the traditional clientele Cadillac, yet not-wait, that's it, that's the whole story.

The STS 'interior also reflects the company sudden risk aversion. Thanks for ditching the Caddy Deville inside excess: Soft Beds, nasty switch, excessive logging. But the attempt to crib Audi / Mercedes / BMW 's lush minimalism that STS has left with a soul-ectomy. (., It even smells like a doctor's waiting room), you would have thought the success of the brand among the spinners and dubs would set can try inspired them to something wild: two-tone leather, Playstation display, integrated lead crystal decanter, signature scent, WiKKiD something . But no, feels the STS 'cabin like an expensive Pontiac.

Once underway, the STS provides the usual Detroit big car dynamics: float, bang, slim and scoot. Crest a high ripple and the STS 'Pillow Talk DNA prevails. Go over a badly paved road and the suspension someone tells you decided to sacrifice ride handling. Throw yourself into a corner and the chassis tells someone decided to sacrifice handling for the ride. If you've never driven a foreign luxury sedan, or any Honda, the STS 'ride and handling close enough for rock and roll. If you have, it's not.

On the positive side, the STS is mounted on a rear or optional all-wheel-drive platform. Caddy. 20 years-plus excursion into front driver left the brand without a shred of credibility in an increasingly performance-oriented segment During an STS helmsman would be ill advised to attempt any tail-out action (think cabin in a large beam sea), the car is commendable that. On driver input and command For the same reason, the steering and brakes are predictable deaf, but perfectly effective for the job at hand (and feet).

The STS is also on the open road, where the drive to win enough rest to the digital audio system and Bidness Class legroom to weigh passengers in an appropriate anesthetic allow large. Anti-enthusiasts should note that Caddy has finally drew level with Lexus in the fight for every sonic indication of forward movement to eliminate. Both brands offer products with interiors that are as quiet as the grave. Which reminds me: The STS 'trunk continues the great tradition of Cadillac offers enough space for a few corpses (or several large suitcases).

The V8 version offers much silky smooth to push. The STS '4 ,6-liter 320hp Northstar engine can propel Detroit newest luxury Leviathan from zero to 60 mph in an amazing 6 seconds. The STS V8 is also a resolute passer capable of long trucks in a single jump. Unfortunately, the car drive-by gas programmed by a non-coffee drinkers, as soon as you breathe on the accelerator again, takes off like a scalded cat, STS (threatens many a scalding round). And the autobox is a disturbing reluctance to kick down at cruising speed.

Ironically, the Bangin 'V8 actually makes the STS experience something worse. Regarded by eliminating the constant sense of wonder at the V6 engine lack of grunt, you're free, the STS 'full monotony. It's like when you throw a stone in the shoe and find yourself in a paper clip museum. Or, even worse, a very expensive car.

Cadillac holds the STS luxury sedan, the best they've ever done, and they are not wrong. Traditional Caddy buyers satisfied with their new whip. But every Cadillac exec, the STS has' enough ride, handling and comfort for the buyer lure their bombing Bimmer, solid and liquid Lexi thinks Mercs have too many mind-altering substances in the 70s. Even more worrying is the lack STS sizzle inspire sufficient brothers. If Caddy wants to maintain its current momentum, they need to stop chasing Euro style and how Chrysler has down with her gangsta-rrific 300C, with its bad self.