Chrysler 300C SRT-8 Review

Posted on 08. Apr, 2005 by in Auto News

I love HP. I love the feeling of his lingering feet, ready to explode in neck-snapping, stomach-churning, tire-shredding power. I love the sound of it: the blend of Fortissississimo roar and heavy metal madness. I love the power of it, the ability to "normal" machine look as if God grabbed her rear bumper and pulled her backwards. Clearly, my passion for accelerative overload infantile, dangerous and about as politically correct as 1920 Minstrel Show. But at least it is not impractical or too expensive. Well, not anymore.

You can now. A four-door 425 hp Chrysler 300C SRT-8 for a nickel under $ 40K That's a lot of numbers. And no matter how it-size, power and style-the 300C SRT-8 is a lot of car. Let's take this exam so looking on the street, which slowly beautiful. . . . Only we do here at TTAC nothing "nice." And "slow" is not a word in the vocabulary SRT-8 (I have a hard time understanding it myself). So, what the hell. Let's strap in, mash green kick and see where it takes us.

Reading to the brake pedal. We have so far, so fast, we need to slow down RIGHT NOW, traveled and hope that Chrysler Street and Racing Technology (SRT) knows so much about brakes, as they do on big-bore engines. Fo shizzle. If cane a 425 hp car weighing 4160 pounds, there is no time to consider the intricacies of the rotor size, "swept area", ABS, etc. It is strictly press and pray.

Did I mention that the 300C SRT-8 does not like to let go of their speed? Raise the gas and there is no danger of the engine braking effect, starving the 6.1-liter Hemi of dead dinoflagellates has about as much immediate effect to turn off the afterburner on a F15. Not put too fine a point on it, the 300C SRT-8 is a blat – Coast – blat somehow car. Oh, and the five-speed gearbox (a Mercedes E-class hand-me-down) is so sweet kickdown as the Toyota Prius is low speeds. Can resist anything except the big Chrysler acceleration.

Right. Where were we? Oh yes, urgently halt. And we will hear. When a car is only as good as its brakes Chrysler flagship muscle car is a game for the best. Both the SRT-8 and BMW M5 require only 110 meters of pavement in order to slow down from 60 to zero. During the SRT-8, the left pedal does not offer much in the way of the initial feeling that the massive anchors are powerful enough to rip you out of the problem that the steroidal engine can oh-so-easy to sit down now, let us try a little cornering. . .

Before tackling the twisties, turn the ESP traction control. I do not usually recommend whipping a nanny-less car with 420 lb ยท ft of torque, 20 "wheels and three all-season tires (Vivaldi was not satisfied with this approach may be), but the SRT chassis is sorted so well that power reservoir as deep, instant and controllable that you steer this monster like you stole it go without electronic network and not die. way with the right foot.

Muscle car enthusiasts know the drill. If you give a sharp turn, throwing the wheel hard over and soil. Since the rear wheels spin and the rear end of drift sideways, the appropriate amount to apply opposite lock with the steering wheel. Then simply remove the gas, leave the rear end lightness in line and move on. If it's good enough for The General Lee, it's good enough for the SRT.

Of course, Chrysler had to sacrifice a significant measure of the donor car ride. And? The highly-engined 300C SRT-8 is intended for g-force junkies and serious stunters. They would. For a badge of honor, if a pothole knocked loose a filling Alternatively, you can create a rough stretch by applying maximum power and dryquaplaning dismissed over irregularities.

I do not mean to leave you with the impression that the Chrysler 300C SRT-8 is all about raw power. It's about raw power, and satellite radio. And a 180-mph speedometer, sport seats, a fearsome front spoiler, an integrated rear spoiler, and the usual trim upgrades and performance Badgery. Other than that, the 300C SRT-8 is the same gangsta-style luxobarge, the press and punters are equally enthusiastic.

Which is not a bad thing. With the addition of a glorious, pumped-up Hemi and vastly improved vehicle dynamics, turned the 300C SRT-8 is a great car at a time (if proletariat) classic. If you're a PS headcase on a budget go further. You know you want to.