Land Rover LR3 HSE Review

Posted on 28. Jun, 2005 by in Auto News

There comes a point in every enthusiast's life when it's time to slow down, at least until some of the forfeited penalty points on their license. To avoid a complete loss of personal mobility, hamstrung throttle jockeys are often found the transition to a slower vehicle. Not tuned to the ways of the Sloth, slide this once and future speed demons usually at a certain po-faced stragglers. Bad move. The miserable petrolhead simply ends thrashing the horseless carriage until it reaches extralegal speeds. If you have to go slow, there is only one way to go: The Land Rover LR3.

The LR3 is on wheels OxyContin. Here is the pharmacology: command seating, a bright and airy cabin, widescreen windshield, superior sound system, silk slushbox, progressive brakes and roll-suppression air suspension. Press the right pedal and the British-made SUV not manage crave the G-force jerk Pistonheads. Instead, it unleashes something just as exhilarating: a smooth increase in the forward movement of the upper-class connoisseurs as "imperious blows" known. Slower within a few minutes drive is sensual satisfying than lying in a hot tub after a long day of work. Ten minutes later and the "go-faster" part of your brain goes numb.

The LR3's ability stately progress cause unsuspecting hooligans comes from Land Rover "Integrated Body-frame". This unique steel and aluminum platform combines the power of a traditional ladder-frame chassis with the rigidity of a hi-tech monocoque. It also weighs a bloody ton. Make that three tons. Even with a 4.4-liter, 300hp V8 chuntering away under the hood, the high gravity LR3 is significantly less than fast. The fact that it does not help as a Sub-Zero refrigerator certainly what counts marked, but look at the LR3 aerodynamic deficiencies is as worry about a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee after destroying a piece of cheesecake.

Side effects: poor fuel economy. Land Rover SUV clinically obese is one of the last true gas hogs. I can not remember the last time I saw "6.5" on a mpg display. OK, I generated the numbers during a bear through the urban jungle, a truck full of rug rats and six bags of cedar mulch with the AC on full blast crawl-crawl-blat. And I finally managed to eke out 14mpg on the highway, sans sprogs and air conditioning, makes the double nickel (and not a penny more). Still fits the LR3 to single digits the fuel burn rate while chasing a Ferrari Enzo reaches in a Lamborghini Murcielago. Up a mountain. This is … awesome.

Prediction: off-road nirvana. Emphasis LR3 is robust enough to turn a Oregonian survivor into a home every weekend. The SUV-wheel-drive system (complete with four-wheel traction control) is a boat anchor for the sports-minded driver, but it is quite effective on slippery surfaces. When it comes to the real rough stuff, the LR3 offers the type of approach and departure angles behind that would scare an aircraft carrier pilot. It is to deal with enough traction, suspension, transmission, brakes, and an airborne gizmology GPS navigator equipped for a week.

Or not. Amateur adventurers have to program their destination in the LR3 is the navigation is on the road or off, and dial-in. The appropriate site with the "set and forget" button in the center console The LR3 the computer automatically keeps track of where you are and how you got there (if you want to go back) and tweaks all electronic systems, surface finish (or lack thereof) to adapt. Pedants may be a bit nervous about driving recently sanded highways with snow drifts, but the rest of us, the de-qualification of the entire Mountain Man will appreciate shtick.

I digress. While I am sure many people will the LR3 use brandatory offroad capabilities to an out-of-the-way place to have to find pot and shag smoke, most LR3 buyer probably the soccer mom to be convincing. The LR3 offers these domestic engineers a second line, more accommodating than Tokio Hotel and fold-flat third-row seats, the challenge is not anatomical origami. The LR3 cabin materials are perfectly practical and pleasant tactile and completely intuitive. Reprehensible lack of family-sized SUV a rear-seat DVD system. Land Rover chief should observe from Manchester United football games are locked until he fixes this glaring deficiency.

Speed freaks would probably prefer to. Their collection of widescreen TV as superior helming an animal as basically cumbersome the Land Rover LR3 In this they are mistaken. Not only the LR3 is an acceptable form of auto industry intervention for those who need it, but it also offers some of the best four wheels can buy comfort factor for money. Obviously this is to produce the worst of all possible times for Land Rover one gas-guzzling SUV like the LR3. This means it is the best of all possible times for a purchase: a buyer's market like never before. Enthusiasts would do well to strike now while their license is hot.