Bentley Continental Flying Spur Review

Posted on 17. Jul, 2005 by in Auto News

If you want a lesson in engineering excellence, drive the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur slowly. At 35 mph with only 1500rpms on the odometer, the go-pedal responds to the slightest pressure with a perfectly measured amount of additional momentum. Back ditto the brakes. At the same time, the large helmets Bentley power steering with an ideal combination of ease and endless infinite precision. All The Flying Spur systems work so well and work so well together, that driving the $ 170k luxury car is an exercise in surgical satisfaction, complete dominion offers a finely honed instrument.

At full chat, the Continental Flying Spur has the ability to open stretch of asphalt to murder that unbelievable. They will steam from zero to 60mph in 4.9 seconds, and climb the ton just 6.4 seconds later. While you are on the stack without mph can kick down, why would you? Paddle, tip or auto-trace of the six-speed slips in lower gears like a supermodel slip into something more comfortable. And then the 17.4 foot luxobarge throws himself on the road as their own fastball God. No wonder, then, that the Flying Spur is the world's fastest production sedan. Bentley refused our request to the track in the Silver State Classic Road Race, which would have given it official membership status to give their 200 mph club. Bugger!

Never mind. The accelerating experience is a treat in itself. Just performance is both dramatic ("Can you please warn me before you do the next time? I just did a series of mascara my neck.") And the more mundane ("I'm sorry darling. How fast did you say we go? Really, how wonderful. How do I look? ") than you could possibly imagine. Ironically, the leather-lined interior of the magnificent leviathan not solely responsible for the subdued savagery. It is the Flying Spur underlying mechanics that come deny the car all-time increase ticket.

All Hail the track of the W12. The 6.0-liter engine configuration is bizarre (two narrow angle V6 is connected to Turbo-marriage), (whine more than woofle) tonally eccentric and totally unsuitable for mass motorisation (10mpg in city mode). And? In this sophisticated demographic, is all that matters, that the VW-sourced mill produces a torque curve that is almost as flat as week-old champagne. In the grand tradition of Bentley Barking Mad waftability, we talk and talk about £ 479-ft. of twist at 1600rpm. What can you do with so much momentum linger feet? What you can not do with him?

Surprisingly, the answer to this question is not in curves. The Flying Spur direction changes with remarkable grace and conviction. Take the £ 5,000. Limousine in a corner and it leans a little, and then for dear life depends (in the great tradition of Volkswagen Audi Group). Understeer is out there, somewhere, but only really determined stupidity starts sliding toward the nose of the animal landscape. In every corner, released the track of the multi-link rear suspension and front double wishbone bumps like a hot iron sliding over a crumpled sheet. In fact, the air suspension, four-wheel-drive Flying Spur more comfort and confidence through the bends (long sweepers preferred) than its Continental cousin, the GT.

When it comes to style and cachet, both cars are so far ahead of the competition that it's simply a matter of choice between aesthetic aggression (GT) and graceful practicality (Flying Spur). The slow-selling Rolls Royce Phantom is the only car that the Continental Flying Spur and exclusivity can Charisma compete for almost double the price. That is, the Flying Spur seems clunky and the exterior clearly unresolved places. The disproportionately large rear lights from the overall design affect harmony, like the bulbous, asymmetrical rear windows three quarters. While we're at it, surrounds the chrome side window does not correspond to the front and back of Darth Vader window treatment. Still, I would not kick out of bed the track to eat crackers.

The Bentley-quality cabin easily trounces the Mercs, Bimmers, Audis and even grain in the world, and gives nothing away to the scooter. The track of the materials and workmanship fragrant leather seats and surfaces, burl wood, mechanically damped "bright wear" (for switchgear Bentley speak), plush carpeting, etc. – are eerily perfect. (It was almost a relief when the armrest fell aluminum tail.) The trace of the ergonomics are also unmatched and is benefiting from the fact that the donor car, the VW Phaeton was designed before mouse-driven computer controller attacked luxury car sancta . Satellite radio, parking sensors and Bluetooth connectivity are the only delicacies missing manifest from the standard luxury car.

Taken as a whole, is the Bentley Continental Flying Spur sedan the world's best-assuming you are not a member of Greenpeace and a piston head that. Prefer a vehicle with an emotionally engaging personality Make no mistake: The Continental Flying Spur has both an insatiable appetite for fuel and a detached, Germanic persona. Nevertheless, for the time being of the Flying Spur is as good as it gets.