Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible GT Review

Posted on 07. Sep, 2005 by in Auto News

You can not judge added a PT Cruiser Convertible to its acceleration, ride and handling, as you hold a Harley Davidson Softail on its ability to speed with a Honda Blackbird basis. As a "cruiser", can the PT Convertible be judged by only one metric: the feel-good factor (FGF). They led owners of milk at irregular intervals? They call their cars? Did they lower the cap in the winter? Yes, diced. The PT Drop Top has all car isma cruisers crave and then some.

Primarily, it is a four-seater. The RAG top connoisseurs know that a convertible bond of FGF increases arithmetically with each additional passenger. If the rear seats are spacious, the pleasure is produced almost unthinkable. Try. Consider stashing a few of the best buds in your Chrysler top-down two-door and the path to the beach; hookfest sucking on an ice-cold Coke and blissing on the Ban de Soleil as your team sing along with the latest Black Eyed Peas. If that's not a peak experience in the automotive sector (and an example of unpaid product placement), I do not know what is.

The Convertible dramatic styling, there are huge cruise-compliant curb appeal. The PT plate proclaimed its idealized intentions without embarrassment or affectation. It's a shame, the cover can not be stowed flat, the baby-carriage back end vanitude against the PT. Fortunately, the St. Louis arch draws the cabin halved help the eye away from the back, keep the focus on flowing lines of the PT Cruiser.

That is, I have. Never been a big fan of the retro-minded aesthetics PT I've seen too many perfectly restored antique automobiles to a pastiche, the age an elegant chrome grille give combines with a 40-panel van myself. Flipping the Nazi cover only highlights the bizarre dichotomy between art deco bow and stern of the prison wall. I guess that's done one of the few convertibles that looks better with the top up. Nevertheless, to paraphrase Rupert Pupkin, it is better to be a cruiser for a night as an Impala for a lifetime.

The PT Cruiser Cabrio upgraded interior life is not quite up to the outer spizzarkle. While the level of fit and finish is untouchable-a remarkable achievement has given the price point, the all-important center console to be more than a touch of Cars. The radio sets the tone, it's a cheap-looking device with a digital display harkening back to the completely wrong time (the '70 's). The wet look of plastic around the instrument cluster and sheltering the passenger airbag is a poor attempt at the painted metal dashboards of 50 land-yachts echo. The devices themselves are typographically bland and a bit too small. Wherever you look, it's about quality flair.

At the risk of me contrary, the PT Cruiser Cabrio dynamic compensation for its sluggish interior. The five-speed manual transmission, for example, is a peach. The shift knob is perfectly positioned and transmission swaps gears with well-oiled precision. The helmet has just enough driving experience to the owner that crosses consists of equal parts, posing remember scoping and driving. The GT-disc brakes lack initial bite and require a dedicated crowd, but they reward the effort with strength and grace.

Which is just as well. The GT 2.4-liter four-cylinder turbo brings new meaning to the word "overkill." Once you crest 4000rpms in first or second gear, the front wheels start Slip Sliding Away. Combine this with the body flex and wheel hop and a bit, well, let's just say it's best to let those 230 horses graze. Pistonheads is recommended that you buy the less powerful version, and chill.

No problem. A PT Cruiser Convertible in stroll mode Hakuna Matata in-car-nate. In fact, Chrysler should sell a variety of Hawaiian shirts the cruiser color chart (Linen Gold, Cool Vanilla, etc.) correspond. Drivers who can not believe a price on open, Nirvana, but would have to do anyway, wear it with pride. And why not? If you are looking for a spacious, well-built, reasonable priced drop top, the drive through window to look at them instead of looking through them makes the PT Cruiser is the ideal fresh air whip, bar none.