Lamborghini Gallardo SE Review

Posted on 28. Mar, 2006 by in Auto News

Testing a Gallardo SE in Miami is like sipping Chateau Lafite Rothschild in a public urinal. The little Lambo was born to destroy the rotating mountain roads surrounding Italian supercar valley or flirt with V3 on a derestricted German autobahn. Miami geometric roads and traffic choked highways offer no more than a half-mile winding driveway and occasionally the Gallardo driver sprint is much damn exciting, but about as satisfying as Red Slammer. So while defense off a hectic flack masterfully with the definition of the words employed "driving impression:" I took the baby bull towards the next race.

Going through the cars I-95 North-quick-quick slow clog, I was surprised by the lack of vision and attention taken the Gallardo. With its strange combination of tiny footprint cabin forward stance, drop snout, near horizontal windshield and unrelenting angularity missing, the Gallardo what native S-Class owners call "uberholprestige": move the indefinable yet unmistakable car-isma, the other road users believe hell over. Either that, or Floridians are fed-up with the automotive tastes of Bolivian drug lords. In any case, we now know what happens when a Belgian design., A supercar for a legendary Italian label under the watchful eye of a German conglomerate, and it's not what I call pretty

What do you call that? Audighini? Lamboraudi? Inside, it's equally hard to say. Pride of place goes to a bog-standard Audi head unit and dual-zone climate control. A series of faux aluminum rocker tries to reclaim the cabin of anal retentive Ingolstadt, violating both common sense (press and hold for the lighting?) And haptic satisfaction (a Barbie washing machine offers deeper clickery). This stylistic flourish only in an interior is dominated by generic minimalism lost. The Gallardo is bland, unbranded lessons are just the worst example of flairectomy. If you are looking for a sense of opportunity, take a deep breath, a noise of leather musk provides a much needed supercar cue.

Alternatively, listen up. At idle the V10 Gallardo as a mono-chromatic bassoon sounds shrill a series of keys. Up to 3500rpm, it's hard to say which is less impressive: the amount of usable torque or engine muffled sonic signature. On four major, receives the Gallardo SE on their freak. When I finally got the go-pedal mashed Download emits literally named Beeline Highway, the Gallardo 512-horse engine bellows, the distant gators scrambling for submersion sent. Increases the sonic belligerance in direct proportion to the escalation of violence generated by the car's well-punching shear. This all the way to barely believable 8100rpm redline of the Gallardo.

Two clicks on the stationary e-shift paddles (fins to a piss ant parody Audi DSG) are snapped to 140 miles per hour. And yet we seem no closer to the boundless, brooding horizon. And then the Gallardo began to vibrate like an electrified motel bed, which is a suspension issue, an alignment problem, worn tires or a woeful combination thereof (not unknown driver thoroughly played press cars). My soulmate I asked Chuck Yeager, the situation, but repeated explosions throughout the century and a half mark only exacerbates the supercars of the DT. Meanwhile, we'd arrived.

I was most emphatically not the Lamborghini Gallardo on the track at Moroso Motorsports Park in Jupiter, Florida. But if I do, I could report that the Gallardo was so happy roaring around tight corners as Prius golf cart in an Earth Day Parade. That the German / Italian pocket rocket is determined a perfectly stable platform for the driver, the clack of their passenger's helmet bounced to hear the side window. That the four-wheel drive supercar eight tenths transformed into five tenths, and punishes nine in eleven tenths with an understeer slide-unless you turn the ESP traction control.

In this case I would probably discovered that the Gallardo tail his relentless determination behind the front end, which would have been great for some tire-melting drifting, but have to be a real problem for someone stupid enough to paddle the e-gear remain lost during have lateral-G. I might also suggest that the Gallardo SE uprated brakes still do not. Standard, the meet of the Stuttgart stopper for bite, feeling and ferocity But, like I said, I did not get the chance to indulge in the Gallardo SE through its paces, and I'm not the type of automobile writers in uninformed conjecture.

Remaining in the theoretical field, it is easy to see how the Gallardo Lamborghini could take to the next level. Some turbos would the low-end torque deficiency. A DSG gearbox would transform the herky-jerky e-Gallardo in a daily driver. And a bit more design coherence would sort out uglies. Oh wait, that's the next Audi R8. Huh. Now what?

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