Cadillac Escalade Review

Posted on 19. Apr, 2006 by in Auto News

The new Cadillac Escalade is a mission-critical machine. It is one of the few remaining General Motors products whose sales do not depend on Mexican big bribes and / or a Day-Glo "Closing Down, everything must go" sticker on the windshield. What is more, as a badge-engineered Chevrolet Tahoe, it is only slightly more expensive to build than a Chevrolet Tahoe. In other words, is the "Slade a cash cow on factory Double Dubs and tried to keep it real for GM ten points, six billion dollar man, Rabid Rick Wagoner know what I mean? No? Let me spell it out for that if the "Slade is not da bomb, it's a nail in the coffin of General. Well guess what? RIP.

Clock this side vents. Maintain the exact moment when Caddy luxury SUV should swagger into town with unabashed American style, "Slade with its main design cue" arrives on loan "from Land Rover Range Rover Sport. While the cynical may of you that the Escalade target market would probably not be the two vehicles connected than smoke crack and drive (as if), the fact remains: the porthole plagiarism betrays an astonishing lack of confidence and originality of course betrays badge engineering a Chevrolet Tahoe an amazing lack of confidence and originality. but, um … where was I? Something about the enormous gap in the SUV wheel arches make it look the "Slade like a punk ass bitch? No … that was not it. Or was it?

Meanwhile, in the rush to market, someone forgot to give GM, their "new" SUV rear independent suspension. (Doh!) So here we have yet another nearasdammit seventeen feet truck that can only accommodate four passengers in something like comfort. Not to put to fine a point to ask them three pro-footballer to would find a place in the second row, an invitation to a brawl, and even the worst of Charles Dickens' villain would think twice about strapping a young child in the Escalade claustrophobic, flat-floor third row. And if a "Slade drivers ventured out a complete manifest of the miserable human cargo, there is no room for anything other than a small pocket-sized assembly of torture is to be left.

At least the build quality sucks. No, really. The Escalade seems specifically designed to ammunition to these car-free, dealerphobic, stock-shorting curmudgeons, the GM called best efforts "90%" vehicles dare to enter. The ashtray unfolds gracefully, triggered by the world's flimsiest metal catch. The pedals, but not the steering wheel. The plastics look soft, but feel like petrified elephant dung. The chairs crush reassuring, but offer as much lateral support than plastic bags. Everywhere you look there are examples of NQE (Not Quite Engineering), constantly reminded that it is $ 10k profit in this machine, which could be invested in, well, you. Or, if you prefer, you say go out and buy a nearly identical high-spec Tahoe.

Of course, then you would miss the bigger engine. And? Despite cranking out 403hp and 417 ft.-lbs. of twist, despite an endless raucous engine note that the Escalade 6.2-liter pushrod engine seeking no match for mega-mass and a mileage six-speed gearbox. Floor it and … . wait Yes, it kick-down and go right when prodded, but there is no excuse for a narrow vehicle digit mileage feeling slow, and gets. And also with computer-controlled real-time damping, the "lets Slade never forget bases its leadframe Not that it is not to try. The amazingly over-steering requires sufficient concentration to distract you from all the other dynamic concerns.

On the positive side, the ventilated "Slade 13" disc brakes are great, offers a lot of feeling, a lot of power, and only the slightest hint of burnt rubber. StabiliTrak system and the animal flat and even more through the twisties even if understeer is unfashionably early and the seats do nothing to them. Discourage hip-checking the door or no drinks unfortunate enough to sit in the cupholder And hey! It's better than the last model.

But not nearly good enough to restore GM lost luster. In fact, the Cadillac Escalade pisses me. This was the perfect opportunity for GM to the middle finger to critics like me who constantly slag GM products that perennial rans give: vehicles that are a full model cycle behind the class leader. If that $ 60k-and-up SUV had crushed the competition when the Cadillac Escalade is a new standard for luxury SUV that was also the new Audi Q7 is not great, it would not matter even if the Escalade had set sells well . The SUV would be a car line in the sand for the current stewards have GM. As it stands, the Escalade is nothing but a poor attempt to tread water, even when the sharks start chummy with the General.