Lincoln LS V8 Sport Review

Posted on 24. May, 2006 by in Auto News

Before these days of endless, shameless bling, V8 sedans sporting nature took their jobs seriously. Flat black chrome and wood trim sold by a whopping margin. Intrusive electronic nanny, TV screens, time-consuming and promiscuous style joysticks were notable by their absence. Q-ship owners reveled in her car, the ability to speak softly and carry a big stick. Fast forward a decade and the sporty sedan bearers were desecrated, spoiled by electronic frippery and turned into caricatures of their self-dignity. Even more unlikely was the genre. Sole survivor of the hand of Lincoln

To see it is to know it. The Lincoln LS Sport targeted wrinkles, beefy hips, hanging just behind, and wikkid fast C-pillar seems carefully crafted to win the hearts and minds of the Bangle-aversive buyer. The car hunky proportions and aggressive attitude also a strong argument against chop-top chic, and for the design firm of Longer, lower and wider. Mind you, the LS 'generic taillights and frumpy trunk lid reverse Viagra for everyone under 65. Fortunately squint HID projectors hold, 17 'chrome wheels and a timeless monotone color treatment the Mitsubishi Diamante references in check. A new recording with a drop-jaw, front fog lights and chrome accents easily spices spoiler the plain Jane front.

The LS 'elegant' approach 'lamps cast an unwelcome light on another story in. Lincoln brand' satin-nickel 'bling-bling abhors the LS' dated interior like a chandelier in a doublewide. A mishmash of trim fighting for your attention with all the forced, laid charm of a Brady Bunch reunion. There are enough walnut panel trim an upscale party room. The steering wheel placed nickel, wood, beige and antiseptic polymers in near inexplicable. The oversize gauges look as boring and cheap as a motel lobby clock. Fortunately, fortunately, the LS 'switchgear is elegant and functional.

Fight the urge, an Audi, an Audi, and you will discover that the LS to find the occupants bombarded with surprise and delight. Of the electric parking brake to power adjustable pedals, knows the LS luxobarge the drill: it just does. The DVD navigation system offers the perfect blend of synthetic and virtual keys, it's a quick study from the vertical learning curve of I-Drive. The LS 'conditioned thrones are a Dallas matron's best friend, even though the short, thin seats is no long-legged Texans fatigue that happen on board.

Sound, the LS 'THX ICE has a trick motorized front panel, but a chorus of slow roast Wookies attractive (on many levels) would. George Lucas 'crew equipped the LS' cabin with the audio equivalent of Jabba jowels. Not to be confused metaphors (much), but the woofer throw enough mud to win a medium-Senate election. De-power these drivers and have a look around. A bright conservatory and large side mirrors provide an excellent view of the countryside. Impressionist paintings only eight cylinders are removed.

If you've never Gen Y Botherers clocked the whole "Hot Rod Lincoln" thing, nail the LS 'gas. To create a bracing blast of torque and power is a welcome link to the brand muscle car history. The LS 'fierce growl taking adds to the drama. While there are many more accelerative six pots are a luxury whip with a 280-horse 3.9-liter V8 that wafts by 60 in 6.5 seconds in the great American style works for me. OK, this is almost two seconds slower than a V8-powered 5-series, but you can take comfort with plenty of champagne with the money saved.

Or just go out and clip a few tips. The LS V8 Sport (only trim level) sits on the Jaguar S-Type platform. Both the LS 'chassis and ZF steering gear are weighted ideal for fun side. Strict but fair springs keep the body roll and understeer in check. The Select-Shift-auto gearbox has come to power. Throw everything together, the four-door in some corners and you will soon long for more support chairs. Yes, you can import sports-tuned run rings around the LS over mad twisties, but the LS is no slouch, and it makes the cruise thing with a lot of comfort and class.

Old school sports sedans such as these are an endangered species. The company that invented and perfected the genre has not abandoned the path Bangled. Infiniti G sedan and the straight-equivalent inexpensive Germans off the mark of two cylinders. Lexus has yet to understand the relentless pursuit of power. Even for rare and low-dollar updates about the last six years, the Lincoln LS only embodies everything that was right with the last big-bore BMW sedan. Unfortunately, Ford has given up on the LS. The nearly empty Wixom assembly plant (the house brand since 1957) no longer LS production later this year. Meanwhile there is a fire sale of old-school thrilled with your local Lincoln showroom.