Mercury Grand Marquis Review

Posted on 06. May, 2006 by in Auto News

The way forward. Bold Moves. Screw. If America wants a bold, innovative car, they will buy a Toyota. If something they honestly want affordable and comfortable, they will buy a Ford if they want an honest car with added spizzarkle, they will spend a little more for a Mercury. Now that's something to be there until Ford began with the construction sub-par Japanese wannabe to use. Fortunately, the Blue Oval at least one rear wheel drive car that stays true to the roots of the company: the Mercury Grand Marquis.

Park next to the Grand Marquis and his foreign colleagues, it is clear that the American luxobarge not livin 'large no mo'. Snout-to-tail with a Camry comparisons require measurements is less than a foot; millimeters differentiate their relative rels. Fortunately, the Marquis Table Tennis hood and rear deck aircraft carrier in the new millennium to survive while his broad shoulders, continue to remember memories of Officer Badass. Although the Marquis' police-a-Form is running sends shivers down the spine Boy Racers the car's basic design wild harmless. This despite a new-for-'06 schnoz that blends-in about as well as a Speedo-wearing fat guy in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

The Grand Marquis "soft-touch keyless entry system ensures that its core clientele aged well not even lock out, or loved ones in. (Take that, OnStar!) Even better, opened its doors with all the soothing swing a monumentality "80 of the Mercedes S-Class. Once inside, the bark of the waistline makes for excellent visibility and makes for easy parking for as broad of beam (the car, not the driver). Although the lush nomenclature evokes memories of "Studio 54" decadence of the Grand Marquis' cabin sports a cabaret dull and brittle surfaces trimmed in stark contrast to the wrong tree glowing with radioactive glee massively on the car dash.

The Grand Marquis "dates can not hold a candle to a Camry is, but the big Merc still leagues ahead of the Chrysler 300, the blue light special. A pair indulgent seats offers another clear advantage. Fold the thick padded armrests and an additional bed awaits episodes Marital distress. Or maybe a second honeymoon with the cavernous back seat? Six-passenger seating capacity in a limousine is a forgotten joy, and proposes the third-row box found in a similarly priced SUV. Crank up the tunes and feel the bass from booming the bowels of Mercury Brickhouse trunk. the Commodores never sounded so powerful-powerful.

The Marquis keeps the muscle car flame alive with a redesigned analog instrument cluster, complete with his very first tachometer. Fire-up the Cammer V8 and a distant rumble filter by the ghosts of big-block hurricanes and marauders. Although the Grand Marquis' mill braces only 239 horses, there are more than enough torque to the "grind" are from the daily. Four course you (only one less than you really need). If you are young enough to check this page regularly Read, or old enough to remember the Blues Brothers, you will want to Mercury little-known police package: cop engine (dual exhausts), cop tires (speed index), cop shocks (monotube dampers) and copper suspension (revised front coils , is Watts rear suspension keep up with heavy air springs and larger stabilizer). Evo on frontin ', but the guy in the Camry toast.

Copy the column shifter and the first hammer the gas. The Marquis composed 'suspension, with marginal-steering, torquey mill and make it RWD orientation is an honest-to-God hoot in the corners. Pseudo-Super Troopers whose courage surpasses their abilities to benefit from the Marquis' five-star crash test ratings. Credit cards are the same brick shit house construction for smooth running in the city: hydroformed components on a body-on-frame chassis. Potholes, bumps or small cars are a distant blip on the radar ass. Factor in a solid 21mpg (on regular gas) in mixed driving and rough-riding, gas-guzzling SUVs hang their heads in shame.

Obviously, the Grand Marquis is not a game for a stick-shift V6 Accord or Altima. But the Marquis leads the family to her grandmother's house in far greater comfort. And, do not forget the. Marquis' price lines against baseline four-wheel drive versions of these false lashes According to the official Mercury website, the last of the V8 Interceptors has $ 5000 on the hood. And the business is growing sweeter at the showroom. Hell, they give it away!

Why Matlock fans are the only people to buy Mercury Grand Marquis? Sure, Ford turned his back on the old soldiers, their press gang can not even bothered to update the site with photos of the Marquis' analog instrumentation. No matter. It's time for the old school Pistonheads reclaim American cars for their own. The fact that Ford kills this platform for some weak-kneed front airbags for driver only makes the Grand Marquis more desirable. And do not forget: it never hurts to see a speed demon like a policeman.