Buick Lucerne CXS Review

Posted on 21. Jun, 2006 by in Auto News

Electra Waggoner Biggs was born Texas Cattle and oil man's daughter, but leThe FT Lonely Star State for Bryn Mawr, Columbia and the Sorbonne. After her return, she was revered sculptor, best known for her work on "Into the Sunset". In memory of cowboy actor Will Rogers In 1959, the president called the Buick (Electra and husband's brother-in-law) is a flagship sedan after middle-aged Texans. Buick today Alfalfa is named after a picturesque Swiss tourist trap, with only a failed peasant revolt to its name. And there you have it: Buick has made a decades research Americana subdued for Euro-style. This is beyond stupid.

Of course Alfalfa is a beautiful city, and the Lucerne CXS is a nice car. Frankly, that's beautiful Lucerne a pastiche of the best of the Audi Group limousine Audi A8 here is a little (rear three quarters) and a bit of Phaeton (pillars, rear) – with a healthy dose of polarizing Velite Buick roadster concept (front). Fortunately, it works. There is no question of Alfalfa has its own engine, the Buick Portholes are as relevant brand message as Mr. T's mohawk.

It's all very tasteful and elegant in a vaguely European way to open the door. Then you discover that the Alfalfa with latest interior design trends GM initiative cursed strategically placed quality. For example, the Alfalfa'S dashboard is formed of a polymer that is less than one indulgent Taliban elders. And yet, only millimeters away, you will meet GM's best door panels to date. They are excellent examples of industrial technology: a Lexus-like mixture of triple-stitched vinyl padded plastic and convincing wood grain. But aside from the swank door fittings, richly textured headliner and hip cobalt blue dials, Alfalfa'S Inside the Buick brand Bay of Pigs.

The optional Harman Kardon boombox is the cabin's saving grace. Play that funky music white boy and unleash both superior imaging and skin-tight bass. The noise is very welcome, the Roadmaster-esque seat rivals memory foam mattresses for sybaritic somnambulism. Mobsters looking for a place to stow rivals heading for the big sleep note: the Alfalfa'S strain is a thing of beauty. It is large and accommodating, crammed with Plastic screens hiding the tailgate of the dogleg hinges.

Start the next Lucerne CXS "Northstar 4.6-liter V8 and the mixed messages. Dial-up a couple of turns and the hunky Alfalfa rumbles like an old muscle-bound big-block Buick GSX. (Buick "Quiet Tuning" obviously are not Cadillac-source drives.) Drop the hammer and the de-clawed 275HP Northstar helps the Alfalfa slide to 60 in a tick under seven seconds. Yes, but how many front-wheel drive V8-powered luxury car, you can call? And how many have you bought? There's a reason …

At reasonable speeds Alfalfa conceals his wrong-wheel drive roots commendable. Eight cylinders meek make torque steer a little problem. But the beast awaken at the wrong time and the Alfalfa Counter with smoking rubber and a totally wayward rudder. Fortunately, the iron filings suspended in the Alfalfa'S shocks provide a reasonable imitation of dynamic fluidity, Magnetic Ride Control suspension keeps the two-ton luxobarge flat during cornering. Yes, really.

But for what purpose? The big Buick impress not a "land yacht" Ying or "Touring" Yang. For type-A personality that North Star "Take-a-number" throttle response, and closed overboosted steering and lazy four-cog slushbox angry. Charged even at Magna damper in full suppression mode secular Continental rubber, comfortable springs and planar seats deny sporting satisfaction. Grab a lower gear to the next corner and the flimsy ground shift quiver in anticipation.

For the type-B people Alfalfa Rides comfortably enough on most surfaces, but nails surface defects as a small car chassis is missing, the Brick house swagger of Mercury's mighty-mighty Marquis. No matter what your taste, Alfalfa'S Rough basics prove GM Half Baked this auto-culinary delights.

The Alfalfa certainly surpasses his unsuspecting Park Avenue Predecessors, but what does that sub-$ 40k whip to do that a fresher looking Camry can not? De-ice the windscreen with heated washer fluid? Seriously, if a car manufacturer promotes its flagship model with a relatively small gadget, you know, it's a "pay no attention to the car behind the curtain" Affair. The fact that the obese Alfalfa'S is a standard mill positively old pushrod V6 shows that GM knows they have overpriced and under-delivered. While entry-level alfalfa with the prospect of car hire bright, The CSX goes nowhere fast.

Moreover, the Alfalfa'S Lack of soul proves that Buick is a dead marque dying. One could argue that Electra Waggoner Biggs' sculpture and the car was named after her sticky-nothing more than American populism with a continental twist. But their dauntless Spirit requires your attention. If the Lucerne gets is as good as a Buick, it is only a matter of time before the entire Swiss brand follows his namesake in historical irrelevance.