Pontiac Solstice Review

Posted on 31. Jul, 2006 by in Auto News

When you hit The Pontiac Solstice is go pedal to the floor, You can almost hear that great Les McCann / Eddie Harris tune "Compared to what?" Normally, the Solstice the Mazda MX5 or his twin-under-the-skin is compared is the Saturn Sky a bit like the Compare Heather Graham, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Salma Hayek. While it is clear that the GM cars more visual appeal than the Japanese roadster, looks can be deceiving. GM has "made it real" or the Solstice is just playing a role?

The Solstice is flowing sheetmetal is soft, sensual, and good-to-go. From the front, it is an excellent retro revision of a mid-fifties Thunderbird. (I guess police officers in several U.S. States will specialize in writing displayed Solstii tickets because of the lack of a front license plate.) Move to the right, and it's a Corvette, Mini-me. The wheels fill the arches quite the car seems designed Extra for "Cars." The stubby tail deserves twin pipes, but it might as well have that old wHite tRash bumper sticker on it. "I'm crazy about butts," says the sports car attitude is yang to the body's yin: there squatting on the sidewalk squats like a bobcat.

For old MG owners, reducing the Solstice soft top is a piece of cake. For everyone else it is a nightmare. The little tent-like back flutings must be pulled taut and secured fastening elements to the rear deck. And once you adjust the fabric roof in the trunk, there is no more storage space – if you are the passenger side foot well. While a MX5 driver can live with light luggage, a Solstice driver to stow heavy enough H2O to make it between Arizona Quiet zones. In one fell swoop Pontiac out that the Solstice a toy, a four-wheeled motorcycle.

The The Solstice seats Set a low with the hood up high, it is strong in the last generation Chevrolet Camaro. Large, graphic matte black-on-white gauges (courtesy of the Chevy Cobalt) nestle in a gondola which snaps outwardly to include the shift lever. Three simple, round controls for heat and air conditioning systems (courtesy of the Hummer H3) sit just above the radio. Although GM plastics no worries, Audi haptics team, give the Solstice is much to appreciate aesthetic minimalism and restraint of the car a purposeful look.

Fire up the 177 hp Eco-Tec and the mini-mill produces a base note trills. Once underway, proves to be the 2.4-liter engine push adequate for the task at hand, zero to 60 in 7.2 seconds may not set the world on fire, but it will warm it up a bit. Acceleration comes on steadily, like a turbo-prop leave desperately an aircraft carrier. Is on the debit side, the engine is as thrashy as International Harvester combine a hay field in Iowa. The maximum torque (166 ft.-lbs.) If at 4800 rpm, Produce more than enough to prevent vibration in a regular examination of the top of the speed range.

The Solstice Five-speed gearbox is a short throw artwork, home snicking like the Honda S2000 shifter. Was no surprise. Aisin produced the Solstice Five-speed gearbox and Honda six. Yes, but the Pontiac clutch has a decidedly springy feel and clearly severe action. It is not exactly truck-like, but those who look at this machine and think "girl car" change their minds after driving it a dozen miles or so. Nevertheless, loping along with only a trace of travel, you would swear you were in a much larger car. Which is not always a good thing …

The sports car law of diminishing radius takes you deep into the corner, with more than a little understeer. There is enough to press the throttle and rubber feet to you. Above with mostly neutral balance registry at your place That is, the easily driven Solstice is a porky little thing. Although the single-wheel suspension (A-arms, coil springs, tube shocks and front and rear stabilizers), things tied down tight, shake with little disguise, interfere with the process, you still feel all of the Solstice, the £ 2888. by a curve. Unlike his deadly rival, the highly developed Mazda Miata, the Solstice will not beg, to throw. With ABS and a $ 400 option that you really need to keep on top of things.

There is no question that The Pontiac Solstice is a driver's car. If nothing else, the smooth shifter and communicative rack-and-pinion steering demand constant commitment, in the same sense, an intelligent, beautiful woman always keeps you on your toes. But the Solstice is missing that final measure of entertainment-a Rorty engine sound, a bit of unnecessary move, some real delicacy on the border, it would be a "fun" driver's car. For the vast majority of owners that will not be a problem. You love the look, live with the lid and laugh as they go.