Aston Martin V8 Vantage Review

Posted on 07. Aug, 2006 by in Auto News

We all know what it was: deeply depressed by a witty, intelligent, urbane, drop dead gorgeous potential partner. Whether it is an actual acquaintance or a distant celebrity, is their innate sharpness our souls on fire. And then, at some point, familiarity breeds contempt. The joke tiring controversial intelligence, urbanity mundane and the beauty good that stays. Despite the obvious physical attraction, the time eventually comes when you consider that true love tends to forget. And yes, I'm talking about the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

Blessed are the souls Ford Premier Automotive Group, as it has sublime Aston DB9 a youthful, sporty and accessible sister. The advantages of "timeless long hood / short deck keeps the family resemblance, but their closer proportions more with characteristic sexy Aston C-pillar and toned shoulder line. Rolling her nose Bangles and Blingers hidden Aston objects all ancillary services from the eyes, or integrated into the big picture in a way befitting Gaussian elimination. If not impress the slick handles, the total lack of body cut lines of minimalist art takes on a four-wheel spin. The pictures do not lie.

Eighteen-inch wheels tucked neatly into the package to the slim but muscular stance add. The work of the trick opener and a symphony of hinges and lift open the portal. Sure, the Vantage is the interior is basically the same as the DB9, but that's like saying Ashley Judd and Naomi Watts could sisters. Tender, aromatic leather wrapped everything in sight. The car switches, knobs and levers move as silky precision I bet they were marinated in Mobil 1 before assembly. The aluminum HVAC controller with all the soothing resistance rheostats in '60 's vintage stereo console click.

Not to the point, but the Aston cabin belabor the sensual feel is inevitable. How perfect love, keep the seats you tight, clingy without feeling. The milled aluminum gauge faces of your TAG Heuer look like a $ 9.99 blue light special. Taken as a whole, it is Kublai Khan pleasure dome on wheels. And then … Attention K-Mart shoppers! When the Aston Martin like the clock, why not stop at the Ford gear and pick a merger? And so it begins …

The stubby AM suede visor missing illuminated vanity mirrors, a necessity for any journey appeal to buyers who would never think of calling Neiman Marcus Needless Markup. Where are the ventilated seats? Why the Beat-Box is so unworthy of attention Audiophile? Where is the auto dimming rear view mirror? (For more than two decades Dearborn vehicles have carried this necessary gadget for a modest premium.) Granted Aston minimalist presence implies a rejection of the BMW-league games, but a $ 110k grand touring cars that are missing the luxo-basics is busy fewer (actually) less.

Press the Vantage solid glass starter button (an affectation worthy of his heritage) and your potential soul mate comes to life. The Aston exotic engine tenor speaks volumes, but fades step on the gas and the love in your heart. It is a wonderful day when 380 peak power is only sufficient for a luxury two-seater, but the Vantage powerband not satisfy as a fully engaged Porsche 911, or dazzle like an increased Benz at full chat. Aston paltry 302 pounds-ft of torque at 5000rpm is shameful for a modern eight-cylinder. Acceleration is brisk about 3500 rpm, but the Aston nameplate should guarantee seamless move from the git-go.

Allegro the dance beat and the V8 Vantage bold souls fire engine sound is faster than the perfect partner Lambada. The rear burble tenor sings an exciting, even without a harmonizing induction growl again. A sad necessity, in order to keep up with the competition: The precise short-throw six-speed gearbox has matched beautifully conditions and excellent clutch pickup.

Throw the Vantage a few corners and it feels good, okay. The precise steering sits somewhere between butch 911th Corvette and effortlessly Say the damper, especially touring: flat turns and impressive feeling at 6/10ths, soft and vague at the border. The aluminum-intensive Vantage chassis allows the car mean vibrate faster than his breathtaking proportions, so (assuming you keep the speed up the performance area) that for the generous speed through a corner. But find yourself in the wrong gear mid-corner and the party is over. Why such an exclusive, expensive party should ever stop?

Aston latest beauty clearly his intention Pistonheads search for the ideal long-term partner. Its beauty knows no bounds. His technique looks great on paper. But the animal to drive like a real sports car, and you immediately notice that the Vantage is the best of all possible trips from the previous millennia. For those who are willing to sacrifice to achieve peak performance in the never ending search for beauty, cabin quality and infinite attention to detail that makes the Vantage a fine traveling companion. For the rest, it is best to worship from afar.