Chysler Aspen Limited Review

Posted on 28. Sep, 2006 by in Auto News

Why? Why in the world would let Chrysler other gas-guzzling SUV in the domestic market? OK, sure, they probably pulled the trigger on the Aspen before gas crested three dollars per gallon and sacrificed SUV sales. But why bother? The official website announced the Aspen offers "Decadence without shame." This from a vehicle that gets 14 mpg in a completely theoretical city traffic? Whose shame they are on? Certainly someone should be embarrassed.

I was driving the thing. I mean, this could proportioned the only vehicle able to appear to be clumsy Durango, shortened snout slender and perfect. Frankly, the Aspen. Short, flat, striated schnoz rivals Cyrano de Bergerac snout for impure, adulterated abomination The protruding front bumper, a throwback to the bad old days when safety devices literally stapled to add, do not violate aesthetic affront. Again as the rest of the design, there is a Durango. How great is that?

Inside, oy. We are sounding the alarm about the spread of generics cabins DCX 'for a while now, why so many of their distinctive-looking vehicles are not practical from the pilot. The addition of some light wood, plastic model airplane quality silver and a cute little analog clock for Chrysler identikit interior does nothing to this 'luxury' ute to lift in the luxury class. The column shift, mouse fur headliner and poorly secured, outrageous carpet do much to it to reduce in econobox territory. For a $ 30k – $ 40k product, the lack of tactile satisfaction and overall attention to detail is breathtaking.

Fold the second-row seats forward and the evil-looking sharp-edged seat mechanism complete with tire jack-stands ready to tear apart your shins. Press the cargo bay of the side wall and the entire sheet seriously flimsy plastic piece inside. The rear cargo door flies open, and then slides the last leg of his journey. Speaking of legroom, while defying the third row of the Geneva Convention body constriction as par for the course may be dismissed, how can you justify a second series, which requires pushing a 5'10 "rider forward? Towing capacity?

Hey, it's true: The Aspen provides best in class towing capacity: 8950 kg. That's assuming you buy the Hemi (extra large), a 3.92 rear and stick with a 4X2 transmission still would make the Aspen is a poor choice for anyone trying to pull a tree from a road so that his ex -girlfriend and her new squeeze to get through. In any case, our tester came with the 5.7-liter V8 hemispherical combustion chambers that would have provided an excuse buy-but too embarrassing to this system. I mean, if you're going to want to burn fossil fuels like someone to video pumps just for fun depends your SUV might go as well as smell.

That it is not. Our testers like Hemi greener than Kermit the Frog, but I bet the cloth covered amphibians is quicker off the line. Car and Driver clocked the Aspen zero to 60 sprint with an impressive 7.2 seconds. We could not get close to that figure. More importantly, the response Aspen 335-horse, 370 foot-stomping Hemi only a whip hand, there are none that came anywhere and anytime that makes the similarly engined 300C such a pleasure to drive. I suppose you need an engine fully motivate £ 5400 truck, but again low mileage massive effort should equal.

By tethering the SUV independent front suspension, live axle rear suspension tighter than a gnat sphincter succeeded Chrysler engineers developed a gi-Normous body-on-frame trucks remain to get with 20 "wheels through the twisties The disadvantage of this technical masterpiece. Ride quality is best described as "dull discomfort" described and the lack of body lures slim this monster faster than driving, you should. Fortunately, the seats offer no lateral support, the steering rack does not provide useful feedback, the A-pillars, cut off any practical point of view by a curve and the Aspen anchors are powerful and easy to modulate. stoppers are more than capable of saving your bacon, the first (and probably only) time you overcook it.

So what, dear friends, is the point, the Aspen? Do not tell me (Steve Siler) that Chrysler dealers have a vehicle for more than a macho loudly Pacifica, because Aspen is about as macho as William Shatner truss. I also do not accept the argument that this, this, "thing" is Chrysler Escalade. Even people with bad taste have better taste than that, and it's not nearly big enough for the Brothas. No, that's the only reason I can see for the Aspen existence that someone said in marketing, it would be cheap to build a derivative Durango for Chrysler. That'll teach the suits do not have too much to blow it next time at a Colorado ski resort are minging.