Citroen C6 Review

Posted on 20. Sep, 2006 by in Auto News

The space-oddity known as the Citroen DS was the last successful French executive saloon. Each French grand routier since the "goddess" was disappointing in varying degrees. Today, also in Paris, you can see more German than French cars (the taxis). So my expectations for the new Citroen C6 were not high, especially as I considerable seat time in the segment spent gold standard: the Audi A8. The French still can parlez voitures Lux?

The "Troon profile is interesting, long and ministerial level. From three quarters angle, it looks like a conventional hatchback (it is not). The front and rear aspects are trademarks faithful quirky, requiring some important acclimatization., The C6 is the bug by two horizontal chrome strips that connect mean headlights and the radiator opening half dominated. The rear window is deeply concave. a la CX. the narrow taillights ride on top of the rear wings, and light fins reminiscent of a '49 Buick

Open the front door (with frameless glass like a Subaru or come to think of it, a DS) and. In large, tight black leather armchairs The C6 window lowers a few millimeters to remove the seal, and then powers back after the door closed, BMW coupĂ© style. Nice. And then it is a bit strange …

The C6-Dashboard is a broad, full-dressed relative horizontal shelf in a strange (but oddly appealing) black vinyl cover with a linen-like texture, topped with a small navigation / ICE display. A two-inch strips of shiny faux hardwood with a striking black-stained grain runs across the Citroen sedan cockpit. Covered more petite digital display life dressed behind a stout leather wheel with two large chrome chevrons. (The wheel has three spokes, not one like the iconic Deesse.) Speed and navigation arrows will appear in the lower pane of the heads-up display.

The C6 four door panels are dominated by large slide-down cover for generous lower storage area, from the same wood as exotic looking dash strip. Like all the other moving parts of the C6, the plates would freak out to a degree, Ferdinand Piech subdued. The door handles exchange of fashionable satin look of premium travel in Germany for shiny chrome. Bright but tasteful chrome trim is lined with lower dash and door panels. All in all, the C6 cabin is very different, in a way somehow BCBG.

Once on the road, driving the C6 as the A8. The French car-granite structure is absolutely hums no creaks, rattles, squeaks or. Unlike a bit more wind rustle and less road noise, adjust the noise level boulevardier that Ingolstadt aluminum cruiser. The ride is also similar: soft but not floaty, with little lean in the corners. The power steering is light at parking lots japanese speed but tightens nicely over 25 km per hour.

I drove to the C6 in a diesel Audi, one of the least diesel and cars that I'm ever driven (very quiet and very fast). I had predicted that the Citroen tester would holster either V6 petrol or diesel. After starting out, I was sure I was behind the wheel of the gas-powered C6. Only the redline was 5000 rpm. Once it stopped raining, I pulled over and popped the hood. The plastic hood said "V6 HDI" Formidable!