Lincoln Town Car Review

Posted on 18. Sep, 2006 by in Auto News

Ford is in trouble. Headlines talks of cuts, cuts and more cuts and new product that could bring the automaker back from the brink. Meanwhile, mad props are in order for the party responsible for not killing the venerable Lincoln Town Car. This website has been long argued that Ford. Otherwise the car business is not about new product The idea is to neglect the existing product. Whether a resurrected Town Car helps a sick FoMoCo is an open question refrain, but, to reinvent the wheel every regime change is the short answer.

The original Town Car architectural grade sheet met with the approval of wannabe Dolemites and Golden Girls. The current whip, a collection of cartoonishly awkward styling cliches in a bulbous, bloated body. Looking the Town Car, the Cheshire Cat grille and headlights good style escape like Dennis Rodman in a Valentino tuxedo. Door handles from a 1950 Frigidaire put function before form lifted, not to mention an inflated sporty driving a sad series of in-the-pond design elements. Even with the right proportions and dimensions of the delicious American flag covered headlights, coffin noses and Continental kits are a thing of the past.

The American Dream Machine within continue to disappoint. The Town Car front and rear bottom cushion fall flat, just sit and sports The slipperiest hides this page from a live python. Where is the old school, pillow-top, sit-in-not-on velvet decadence? Replace mouse fur blankets yesterday plush, shaggy rugs. The once brash and unabashed color palette makes way for shades of white-bread boredom. The entry-level CD stereo trying to reach higher and lower and fails. Other disappointments include an ashtray door, with all the arthritic fluidity of the core clientele, and a front doormat small enough moves for a Toyota Yaris.

Consideration of the Town Car, the $ 43k asking price, its low rent Euro-style cuts to the bone. Nevertheless, the Town Car is no Corolla. Soft-touch plastics perfectly complement its wood-effect trim, white LED lighting, fake frosted nickel and bronze accents. Lincoln inside the German car lovers can not enter a reason to stay, but it does not look like a beat-up Manhattan-crazed taxi either (even though it is) to be felt. And the local Kahn the rear garage is huge, suitable transportation for adult quadruplets expects cement shoe assembly mounting.

Start the Town Car and the American Dream leaves the nursing home, while the dual exhaust burble (pathetically small) mascot gets to its luster. The analogue rev counter is a long-delayed, much appreciated, the visual gain of 4.6-liter V8 hot-rod taking tenor. Although old, the great Lincoln engine is the automotive equivalent of the little black dress: a sub-stressed engine with significantly more torque (287 ft.-lbs.) As PS (239HP). Take off is never less than smooth. Momentum is never less than cheerful.

Nimble is not, but it is not as lifeless as you would imagine, for a vehicle that is only 100 pounds lighter than a Ford Explorer. The rack and pinion steering is increased over-represented, but precise. RWD balance is massive doses of confidence, while the Watt's-link suspension, monotube shocks and hydroformed chassis keep it flat enough for the rider looking for the police to 70 series tires squealing understeer restore. Bell-bottom pedestrians no longer fear the flying hubcap, like the Town Car with 17 provide "wheels and disc brakes for amazing surprisingly competent braking force.

To say that. Town Car is the basic blueprint has aged well as calling Eleanor Roosevelt just another stand-up lady But in today's highly competitive luxury car market, the Town Car has the tuning package an uncomfortable middle. It is not surprising as supple as the mack-daddy Ford Police Interceptor, and not stupid like a real plush Lincoln. Add in the Town Car, the idiotic four-speed automatic and you have severely failed package. Therein lies the problem: instead of true to itself, the Town Car was trying to out-import its competitors.

Wrong answer. The Lincoln Town Car is the only survivor of a generation of cars that ooze Americana like a juicy chomp into a fully-dressed hamburger. So why the Town Car need more than one finger resting on the wheel? Where is the button-tufted seat? There are only two ways to go here Lincoln: WAY up market or back to his Earth Wind and Fire ancestors. We seriously question Ford ability to draw a Lexus from her hat. Remains … playas.

Today homies empty their wallets for the likes of the Chrysler 300 and dub'd-out SUVs. This is the Town Car rightful Area: rear-wheel drive machines with output stolene style, epic space and a touch of grace. Now, back against the wall, again, still, perhaps Ford has the stones, the real American Dream back on the road. Maybe it can change the Lincoln Town Car from a "old man's car", a "stickin 'it to da' car. We will see.