Acura RSX Review

Posted on 16. Nov, 2006 by in Auto News

Beloved, we are here to meet the Acura RSX, whose life was cut short by overlapping products and confused brand identity honor gathered. Since 2002, this, the U.S. version of the fourth-generation Honda Integra, strong support of consumer and numerous awards from former auto critics, including two consecutive year on Car and Driver's 10Best list enjoyed. But we are not here to discuss the value of the ad-supported gongs or mourn a beloved automobile. We are here to celebrate a life well lived.

It set up the production this summer was the Acura RSX an updated seventh generation Civic Coupe. To distinguish between the two models, Acura gave brandgineers The RSX has a lower and wider stance than its Honda counterpart. Also blessed the RSX 'snout with a vertical rise, halved the model's nose bumper to the windshield form an aerodynamic point. The model is highly inclined windshield starts an arc which ends at the bottom of the back side of the steep rear window. The liftback design shows the RSX for what it is: an elongated three-door. Overall, there was the RSX "clean and tidy look both brand identity and charisma, a deadly combination (ipso facto).

Once inside, Steve Jobs himself would applaud the RSX "Children's ergonomics. Car Curved Dash pod is saved, elegant Spartan, free from infestation of dials and buttons, bells and whistles that clutter most new cars. Obtain three Playskool knobs for your climate control, a few glove-friendly buttons for your BOSE blaster, a hazard switch and that's all she wrote missing too gorgeous. deflect in-dash GPS, telephone, trip computer and any other electronic tchotchkes the enthusiasts from the art of driving .

The tip of the RSX "lined bar with a substance of uncertain origin called" structured titanium. "During the dashboards clothing is not particularly attractive or sporty looking, props Acura been pumped for the provision of material that has not appeared from under Saudi sands or peeled off the butt of a dead cow. Front seats hug the driver and passenger. The rear chairs are experimenting inevitable invitations with yoga, each greater than five meters are stretch for comfort. I can not imagine that many RSX buyers are overly concerned about the charge, but can accommodate up to Acura can do more things than a Mitsubishi Eclipse or Scion tC store.

A suave demeanor and a thick Russian accent masked the enthusiasm of my Acura driver, Serguei. But his love for the coupe was shown at the moment he threw the RSX through a junction. (He can not sell many RSX more, but sell it he does.) Once we get the conversion, the RSX "thick steering wheel inspires immediate confidence. Variable power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering is sharp and accurate information about the front tires and excellent control of the same.

The coupe light curb weight give (2734 pounds) and sport suspension (MacPherson struts in front, double wishbones at the rear), the RSX excellent flickabilty. The car stays flat in the corners, which is moderate and predictable understeer when pushed. But the progressive-rate shocks hover over small bumps without harshness, with the all-season 16 providing compliant daily driver comfort.

That is, there is no question that this is the high-strung member of the Acura family. Namely, production of RSX "2.0-liter engine 6500rpm 155 hp @. This can be as nothing to the Type-S 'sky-high 8100rpm redline, but caning the RSX includes regular forays to the iVTEC engine penthouse. Meanwhile, torque steer is virtually non-existent, there is not enough torque to pull the rudder sideways. In other respects, the RSX 'smooth-spinning impressively in typical Honda fashion, Low Emissions Vehicle (LEV-2) standards reach while driving 27 miles per gallon in the city and 34mpg on the highway.

The RSX 'brakes are his biggest disappointment. The four-wheel disc ABS-controlled binders tell the right story to the paper. In practice, they are fighting to get the job done. Under emergency stops, the left and right channels are not synchronized apparently have ABS, making a confusing vibration Jitterbug. Pistonheads would be well advised to factor in the price of a big brake upgrade when RSX one.

As it is, the RSX. The perfect car for drivers who want a sports car without a lot of horsepower (eg include unmarried people, the careers, the chalk and eraser, white shoes or headsets tend) It is rumored that the RSX can not be the last Acura to try in the sub-$ 30k segment. Although nothing has been officially announced, are only a few years of construction will probably pass Acura produces another small coupe. Acura is certainly adorn any new model with a number of techno-balls that blight the TL that are missing in the RSX were artfully. Until then, RIP RSX.