Lincoln MKZ Review

Posted on 03. Nov, 2006 by in Auto News

Last year, Zephyr was the automotive embodiment of all that is wrong with Ford and Lincoln. The little badge developed Ford Fusion still a cheap gilded nail hammered into the coffin of the once mighty Lincoln brand. So now Ford has the Zephyr a new name, engine and front-end, an MP3 audio jack and available all-wheel drive. Is it enough to lift the Lincoln into a semblance of dignity, or, Lincoln need to reach even higher?

Prince may have changed his image, since you started the last paragraph, but not much has happened to the artist formerly known as Zephyr. Despite the new MKZ waterfall 'grille, the demitasse Lincoln nor Cars vanilla looking for some Turtle Soup for the Soul. Regrettably, the new MKZ, front / rear lower valences and iced-out fog lamp little dress up a relatively hum-drum package. From the C-pillar plastic ornaments designed to visually extend the window outline (or daylight opening in designerese) more Lincoln-friendly standards without actually doing so) – to his frumpy posterior, the MKZ is still such a Ford Fusion is Hertz.

The MKZ 'interior comes in three basic flavors: slathered in a bland tan so lifeless it cries out for Jackson Pollock Alcohol spastic outbursts, specced-up in the Germanic style charcoal gray or doused in French. All three versions have a grumpy face, which is deep on all plastic Shiny Happy nickel matte silver buttons, switching accents and disturbed. MKZ owners can also spice up their wall o 'dash with maple and ebony inlays, "figured" carefully, not like fake wood look. South Florida condominium has no taste or the MKZ 'cabin a welcome change from the cookie-cutter cockpits of its foreign and would-be foreign competition.

The MKZ '10-speed (yes above) front seats are as supportive as a drill sergeant, but at least they are much more comfortable. Peep the minimalist lessons, enjoy the THX stereo sound audio attributes, feel the soothing wood-trimmed wheel and let the heated and cooled seats, put your soul into a relaxing journey deep into the heart of American luxury. After all that is what makes the uber-merger price is worth, yes?

Not quite. The Lincoln MKZ is to drive almost anything type of entertainment. It is true that the name has been changed to protect the innocent. The 3500-pound sedan gets a brand new 263-horse 3.5-liter Duratec V6 mated to six forward gears, crammed with optional all-wheel drive. The drive train is the once sleepy Lincoln limousine in a car-sleeper. With a first gear is shorter than Tom Cruise Katie Holmes suggests, the larger engine good torque reserve (249ft.-lbs.) If you slide. In the seat with real authority, while the high speed punch keeps your eyes off against speedometer

The MKZ 'means 6.7 seconds zero to 60 sprint that Lincoln Commander Cody finally given fans a hot rod worth sings. Younger Pistonheads (Commander Who and What?) May despair. Quick as it is, serves up the MKZ big pile of body roll, "You are not the boss of me" downshift and a boingee suspension. Nevertheless, it's fun to throw the MKZ a tight curveball, punch it. arugula on top and out of the corner

Obviously this is no sports sedan Lincoln. But it's the kind of car secondhand owner or current tenants mercilessly to an inch of his life can thrash draped with a hand on her front passenger seat. In the care of less assertive folk, the MKZ also provides decent enough ride quality: a happy medium somewhere between grip and no feeling. The acceptable noise reduction and make the MKZ a cakewalk for the grandmother of a Subaru WRX pilots.

When this admirable powertrain in a cheaper, lighter, stronger, less ostentatious package unlucky want. The otherwise identical fusion still rolls with the coarse, dull 221hp V6 as the top engine choice. Horsepower exclusivity and refinement can be a good thing for Lincoln, but it is a bad thing for Ford instead blown away the competition with a big engine and AWD, sees the merger only the taillights of the V6 Camry, Accord and Altima driver. In today's market, not to give the goods to a Ford product in a competitive segment is not only a bad idea, it is a silent killer.

I know I'm about a Lincoln model not share their happiness with his Ford counterpart, while complaining that the MKZ is not different enough to justify complaining of his Ford counterpart to his place in the Lincoln portfolio. How crazy is that? But brand differentiation is the retro-religion these days. Instead of a new, brand-specific automotive orthodoxy, employs Ford robs Peter to pay Paul and they both broke. The truth is, you need not compromise Lincoln automobile that is who we are and what we do, she says. No matter how you dress it up, it is the MKZ does not and never will be.