Saturn Vue Green Line Review

Posted on 23. Nov, 2006 by in Auto News

In 1971, U.S. Senator Roman Hruska rose to defend an undistinguished Supreme Court nominee named G. Harrold Carswell. "Even if he is mediocre, there are a lot of mediocre judges and people and lawyers. You are entitled to a little representation, are not you?" And entitles its successor to the wheels befitting their station in life, such as the Saturn Vue Green Line.

Aesthetically, the Vue is liable to former NBC chief Brandon Tartikoff, the "least objectionable program" school of marketing. Despite boasting a cosmetic upgrade (ironically speaking) has a rounded front end and a chic Vue swage remains deeply committed generic. Vue make the gaps it the automotive equivalent of a shotgun shack. Distinguish the hybrid Vue from its gas-powered cousin, gave it some GM natty five-spoke alloys suggested on a bunch of hybrid badges and called it good.

The Vue cockpit is severely inexpensive. The flat, unsupportive bucket seats with leather-like leather lowest ever covered by human hands. The steering wheel and cruise control buttons are like little Mormons: burdening small, oddly oriented and difficult. The wiper stalk moves as if a plastic burr left over from the production of non-aborted. The belt drive air conditioning cuts at traffic lights. On hot days, you must disable "economy mode" – if you can find out whether the Eco button should be green, yellow or unlit. The instruction manual (printed on what appears to be a cross between his newspaper and Charmin) is completely vague on this point.

On the positive side of each is important regulator and controller on the center console, glove-friendly: oversized letters in grooved rubber (that sounds much sexier than it is). And the aft deck carries a fair amount of luggage for a weekend away or a pack-light holiday. Techno heads get a line-in jack on the dashboard, three 12-volt outlets and an available rear-seat DVD system. The $ 1125 "comfortably safe" (only half right) includes side airbags curtain airbags, XM Satellite Radio, power seat adjusters on the driver's side and heated front seats. We are there at six-degrees-of-separation leave lovers to explain how these four characteristics related, are out in the options package.

The Vue Green Line is a mild hybrid (also supports hybrid alternator belt or hybrid). The vehicle marries an electric motor / generator and a 36-volt battery pack for a 2.4-liter four-cylinder gas engine. The electric motor provides some, but not much, the buoyancy. When you come to a stop, both former drive systems go down. When you begin to start on both motors. If the front-drive only Vue Hybrid slowed to regenerate the braking power, goes back to the storage battery. The systems combine output is 170 hp.

That's not much oomph into account the £ Vue 3420th It's no surprise that the zero to 60 amble 10-plus seconds to complete. The Vue is pleasant enough to drive 65 mph-so long as you're not in a hurry, that is, the speed and the road is perfectly flat and smooth baby can be reached below. Like most of us, the Vue is completely out of breath at the 75th The SUV speedometer goes to 130, but you will not. In-gear acceleration takes an eternity was only evidence of progress, a sustained vibration in the passenger door that disappeared when I reached the higher speed.

GM advertises the Vue Hybrid 32mpg highway rating as the best of all hybrid SUV, although the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner his siblings do better in the city (36 mpg city, 31 mph highway). Nonetheless, the Vue Green Line, General Motors' good faith effort to do something good for the environment. The crawl-before-you-walk premise is simple: We can not give you not a great fuel economy improvement, but hey, it's cheap. So, hybrid fans, let the math …

The base Vue Green Line is $ 22,995. A current model is $ 26,250. The "hybrid premium" is $ 2k less the $ 650 tax credit, or $ 1350. The Vue gets 29mpg combined, which is 18 percent better than a standard four-cylinder Vue. At $ 2.15 per gallon, Vue Hybrid saves you 1.5 cents per mile. Divide the hybrid premium by the savings and you'll even be, oh, had 90k miles. No offense, Saturn, but it will take a dedicated owner to hold out long enough to see Payback. I'm not sure I could take seven years hums door panels.

The Saturn Vue Green Line is a bridge between the old car and the new Saturn Saturn, the "unprecedented" company that offers the Aura midsize sedan and other modern cars. The Vue Green Line is from the "as usual" in the balance sheet: basic transportation that gets you where you're going. Consumers who spend money, are on the Vue Green Line well-advised to take a referral to get GM where it needs to go: to a full hybrid and / or clean diesel future. The truth is, as G. Harrold, GM mid-size SUV is mediocre, its aging core.

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