Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Review

Posted on 28. Dec, 2006 by in Auto News

We had to sit in the latest Jeep Wrangler down a steep hill. Freak December rain has turned the ground into goopy glop. The transfer takes place in 4-low, both axes are locked and the front sway bar was disconnected. A light touch of the gas slowly, but oh-so-ever starts to motivate our Trail Rated off-roader to the treacherous path. And then … we are at the top. Huh? Too easy. We circle back down, turn your lockers, replace the sway-bar and put the Jeep in two-wheel drive. A moment later we are back on the hill. I'll say it here: the Wrangler Rubicon is the most capable vehicle ever badged a jeep.

As the venerable Porsche 911, each new generation Wrangler is an evolution of a perfect car form. Even a layman understands that the "new" Wrangler have a direct descendant of the military transport aircraft Americans loved, since Patton was slapping soldiers. Even as Germany's ass coupe each subsequent Wrangler is looking better and better, without tradition.

The Wrangler doors and tailgate are still simple metal plates held in place by exposed hinges. The rest of the body panels are still excuses depend on the over-sized fender. Only the seven slot grille has changed in any significant way, it is slightly back raked to reduce the drag coefficient of the church school. The new Wrangler design still a triumph of function dictating his form. It is a much needed, much appreciated distillation Jeep brand DNA.

The Jeep interior is surprisingly comfortable, even cozy. While hardcore mud plugger this 4X4 is condemning newfound civility as brand fraud, who wants to sit on cheap garden furniture, while resting her elbow on a cold tin? In any case, the radio head unit straight out of the terrible Sebring, although it actually works in this lower-rent application. The door handles are window / door switches and column stalks accordingly all bulky and solid.

For the first time, the Wrangler windows and locks are electric. And yet you can still pull off the doors. The windshield still folds also. Even cooler, you can solve the T-top panels from the driver's seat and just throw them in the back. However … while we do not wrestle with the Wrangler soft top, a quick flip through the manual showed a picture of a rubber mallet. Uh-oh.

Jeeps of old roads were torture chambers; inflict psychological damage on its driver with ungodly amounts of noise, vibration and harshness. The 2007 update is quiet (enough), a kind of soft riding and about as hard as a Fisher Price product. Granted, getting ready to go the Rubicon much faster than 70 mph is a waste of time and gas (expect 16.5mpg). But like the old Jeeps, this relic drive delivers an elemental joy that can not other vehicles. I'm honestly, how much fun is the Wrangler fight shocked the city. Despite the high chair furniture, you are essentially Hooning about in one of the shortest rear-wheel drive based on the market, complete with tail-out powerslides.

Of course, this little Jeep through, what they can do when the pavement ends and the rock starts hopping defined. A friend and I took the Wrangler Azusa Canyon OHV Park and beat mercilessly over 150 hectares dirt, mud, fallen trees, sand, rocks and streams. Because of its proximity to Hollywood (and the camera equipment found therein), many of the SUV commercials filmed TiVo past you in this park. Need not apply poseurs, you're forced to wade through a meter deep stream at the entrance. Nothing we found-save for a 45-degree sand dune-sodden slowed the Jeep down.

Any other vehicle in the park was adapted to a certain degree. Over-sized tires, lifts, trick suspension and so on. Our Wrangler was bone. But we were able to obstacles that overcome the other vehicles could not cross. The Wrangler modern, technology-laden suspension (ie, greater wheel articulation) was like a laptop with abacus. Most shocking discrepancy: a jacked-up, chrome diamond CJ just could not get traction on a hill, which we had climbed slightly. The older Jeep just spun his tires. The owner climbed, lit a cigarette and told me he had a four-door Wrangler on order. As it should. This new Wrangler is simply unparalleled (for the price) in the rough.

How a leaky British roadster BMW 3-series, a 911, and is (hopefully) a bright red Ferrari, the Jeep Wrangler more than an automotive icon. It is a stepping stone on the path to nirvana piston head. A rite of passage, if you will. The new Wrangler Rubicon is OK more civilized road and better than ever from. Sure there are faster, cheaper and more practical SUVs for sale today, but they all share a common mistake – I do not want one.

Jeep provided the vehicle, insurance and one tank of gas.