Honda Accord LX Review

Posted on 26. Jan, 2007 by in Auto News

A 40-something friend once told me that I. Not my cake and eat it too I took it literally, as we faced a well-stocked dessert table at the time. Although my 29 year old metabolism burns what sugar coated dish I cram into my mouth, I had enough of engineering education, the concept that the two things may not have understood in the same time side by side – level space continuum, at least until you down the subatomic . But then I found another loophole: a Honda Accord LX.

Mind you, the Accord design about as exciting as expected for dark matter by walking. But for buyers who value stealth over spizzarkle the Accord has the right angle stuff. The mid-sizer, the wrinkles and curves fits the model of modest sleekosity, the latest taillight redesign and the door sill to reduce the negative visual heft like a GQ magazine cover artist photochopping Kate Winslet stems.

The Accord Front has a pronounced wedge shape, accented by elegant lamps and an elegantly integrated hood cut line. Apart from the discordant chrome mustache on the front grille of the Accord is one of the best examples of understatement automotive styling this page. Of an Aston Martin DB9 Of course, in contrast to David Brown heritage, driving a Honda Accord is about as likely to get you noticed, like "Where's Waldo" wearing a red and white striped shirt on a Convention.

The Accord's interior is not as described in more detail when well lit, perfectly proportioned and presented correctly. This is the reason Accord virgins is always exclaim: "Gee, it's great in here!" (Instead of the word "nice"). While The Big 2.5 's defenders quickly counts out their tape measures and compare function to understand the chord stimulus, they need to feel the love. The sedan is just damped switches, knobs and levers are more than a pleasant surprise. At this price point, they are a wonder.

Enabling Accord turn signal lever is like biting into a Lindt chocolate truffles. The glove box and lower instrument panel storage container doors open with all graceful, elegant movement of a sunflower blooming in a time-lapse movie. The Accord Directory treatments combine rich cloth inserts, classy vinyl corners and built-in memory, the creation of a segment's high water mark. There is plenty of space for kids and cargo, with the ideal amount of visibility for pampered rear-seat passengers.

Certainly the Accord plastic casting flash must be as bad as anything in a Impala. Happy hunting, I found none. But perfection is (as always) difficult: the rear seat has a higher bottom cushions for long-distance comfort. And then the Accord sensual snickery whispers "Pay no attention to the cost-cutting behind the curtain." And so you do not have.

The 2.4-liter engine is also reassuring, at least four-banger standards. Press the drive-by-wire throttle and the speed Accord both progressive and free towards max power (166hp @ 5800rpm). The auto box is missing all the rage in gearboxes (a sixth or seventh gear), but it swaps gears with enough time and speed (in association with continuous variable valve timing) too lazy and sporty drivers in which torque can (to keep raise the mill 160 ft. lbs. @ 4000rpm).

The Accord LX is not a neck snapper, she wanders from zero to 60mph in 8.1 seconds and complete the quarter mile in 16.6 seconds. At least you are not for those, uh, pay exuberance at the pump, and the ever-optimistic (at least 'til later this year) officials report that the LX gets 24mpg on the city, 34mpg on the open road. But with 3200 pounds in tow, the four-cylinder Accord is still the weakest link in the love train.

If and when you build a ladder steam LX 'driving dynamics are quite entertaining. The pride of Marysville reserves all momentum you can carry into a corner, and even allows you to add more speed to the apex. The steering is nicely weighted, pretty fast and linear. The attacks work better than the cheapie drum brakes (rear) and plastic hubcaps imply (15 "). Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde when sublimated, the Accord is a wonderfully compliant ride and insulation.

Strangely, you can not order your four-pot Accord with the stability / traction control, brake assist and electronic brake force distribution. The omission reflects a gaping hole in the Accord lineup: a mid-priced, lower power (about 200 hp) six-cylinder version, which splits the difference between cheap and expensive pace sensitivity. The Accord LX has excellent interior sets, large estate car, piston head approved handling and a comfortable ride, but it has an effortless match engine.

At $ 20k, the Honda Accord LX suffers against similarly priced, smooth running V6 competitors from America (Ford Fusion) and South Korea (Hyundai Sonata). A mid-grade engine would keep the Civil Accord ahead of the pack, while staying true to its simple elegance. The Ohio-built Japanese car would be, quite literally,. The best of both worlds