Mitsubishi Galant Review

Posted on 02. Feb, 2007 by in Auto News

This website has been followed consistently and persistently lambasted The Big 2.5 for each fleet sales to factories churning. As reported here and elsewhere, Detroit finally has criticized the industry that attracts cranking out sub-par transport for fleet consumption down vehicle quality, resale value and image response. They have sworn off car rental plan. Gradually, they will eventually Alamo, Hertz, Avis, etc. left behind and take their chances on the dealer lot. All this creates a space for … Mitsubishi Galant!

The ninth generation Galant gets some new threads. The proportions are not bad, and their strong, sculpted shoulders in a perfectly proportioned blend, smoked Altezza tail lights. (Who knew that Malibu and sake mixed) or from the side of the Galant rising waistline to the law of unintended consequences aesthetic, the rear doors look like the Fat Lady Lulu thigh. Forward, the aesthetically challenged hood blister meets with a ribbed grille, complete with shiny chrome-happy smile underneath. All in all, the Galant is nice enough to wear the car stealth.

As befits this former glory, the Galant as the interior is about as cool as drinking milk from a bottle. Of its brittle switchgear soaked his knobs in molasses his rubbery steering wheel, Mitsubishi sedan-starlet does the nearly impossible: GM drops correspond mediocre progress in Inner excellence. During the Mitsu the gaps fingernail are thin and the aluminum-effect trim livens up the sullen lump of flat black, the cabin mix of projects airplanes, bloated curves and cheap plastics make the Galant ready for the rental car knit back, like now.

Grab your luggage and another problem creeps up, the Galant the strut assists closing the tailgate, make a challenge on the one hand and unnecessary effort for two people. The response "Thonk" following the action is about as soothing as a stand-up comic moonlighting as a bereavement counselor. The Galant lack of fold down rear is another solid miss.

This means that the back room are more than easy to digest. The fabrics are a pleasing blend of luxury, style and durability, wrapping the most beautiful sentence foam padding this page. From a Olds 88 Royale Brougham Who needs a folding bench, when the alternative is much better for your back, and the prey? The couch is not only the best attribute of the Galant, it is class leading mother-in-law kvetch protection.

The Galant standard 140-watt, six-speaker, MP3-capable sound system deserves special mention. Actually that's a lie. In itself, the beatbox nothing special. Factor in its ability to overwhelm the Galant the 2.4-liter Buzz box under the hood, and it is an absolute lifesaver. The MIVEC aligned four-pot engine makes a respectable 160 horsepower at 5500 rpm, but the clock Rev counter 3500rpm and this mill is ready to rattle apart. Runs up to redline from a suction wheez so strong you can feel accompanies the Galant begging for the right foot for mercy.

The Galant is "Sportronic" automatic serves up a quartet of the teeth with wide ass gear ratios, a holdover from a time when it was okay to keep a stone as a pet (do not ask). The Galant powertrain and I use that term in all its ironic sense, is no match for the smooth operator in Camrys and Accords baseline. Even worse, with 3439 pounds limousine from the airport to the meeting / Disney World and back dead, should the Galant wounded snail's pace (zero to 60 in 8.9 very loud seconds) come as no surprise, for at least until you merge the highway.

Curiously, the entry level Galant is not offering ABS braking as standard, you have to ES or "extras" model (I swear I'm not making that up) to get an upgrade to electronic brake force distribution. At least the Galant has enough airbags to seduce the Stay Puft man and a front and side airbags, five-star government safety rating.

Which is just as well. Although the Galant's about as close to a spaceship than a block of cement, it can eventually be brought to the standard automotive speeds. Once there, the driver will notice that the Galant, the steering system, shift and throttle response were originally extras in The Dead Hate the Living.

The harder you push the Galant, the dumber you feel for the effort. Before unloading the SUV levels of understeer, the Galant Pitches stops under severe cornering load and dives into a panic. Thrifty drivers on a budget is no kicks commemorate the Alamo on a winding ramp on or get more circling for a parking space in a hotel parking lot. At least the four corners, disc brakes keep the "fun" in check, without hesitation or complaint.

Years, the market Mitsubishi decided to keep the bread-and-butter sedan could not a spent glow stick the Camcordima. The market is still in order, the Galant earned his place in Cars shame. As you learn one day.