Cadillac DTS Review

Posted on 12. Mar, 2007 by in Auto News

When I closed the rear door of the top spec Cadillac DTS, I saw the light side over my head literally sputter and die. And there you have it: was evidence that the bean counters have been working hard on the general luxury brand. You want the lights slowly fade up and down? Why? Anyway, we do not have this part. What do you need? Actually, despite the death of a thousand cuts cost of DTS has almost raised enough mojo to make it. Only luxury automobile is not horseshoes or hand grenades. Almost does not count.

Let me clarify: Cadillac is not Audi, BMW, Lexus or Mercedes. Before I elaborate on this point in depressing detail, here is what I want for a Caddy: Texaguido style, a magic carpet ride, enough space to the wife and three adult children, haul and a root, two dead mobsters will fit. That's it. That's all got to do a Cadillac deserve my respect. Everything else is nice, but unnecessary. The DTS fails at the first hurdle.

What is this thing? While the brand nose is characteristic enough, the above shows five-mile per hour bumper (remember them?) Any type of graft factory synthesized bad. The four-door the rear has all the sinister charm of Joseph Stalin's limousine. The sedan's profile is the only side-on sheetmetal I've seen that more generic than a Toyota Cressida. The Performance Pack, the 18-year-old lost in the wheel arches and the shiny alloys are abominable.

The DTS is based on the vintage front-wheel-drive GM G platform, on which the phenomenally successful Buick Lucerne. Enter the cabin and the disadvantage is immediately apparent. Although the front chairs are large enough for hardcore pasta addict, restricts the limited ability rel back row, two well-fed paesans. On the positive side, the Tehama aniline leather is very soft and supportive, but not as fragrant as the standard leather. In fact, it is odorless.

The same anodyne character and lack of attention to detail applies to the rest of the DTS interior. Snick buttons with the precision of a Botswana Army Drill Team. The included hard landing plastics, pedestrian-looking teaching and cheap ass bong door ajar all speak the language of the rental car Hell. There are many fat guy toys on sale: remote start, Intellibeam headlamp system (automatic high beam / low beam switching), rain wipers, etc. But the seat massager, which annoys your lower spine gently embodies the DTS underlying ethos ablation.

Fortunately the animal drives well. Even / especially after 15 years, Caddy Northstar V8 is a gem. The 4.6-liter engine is pitted against £ 4000th (Plus Florida retirees, goombas, Gangbangers, golf clubs, AK47's, etc.). Nevertheless, the performance of the 292hp pack enough juice for thoughtlessly rapid progress. (Although the DTS is slower than the lighter Lucerne.) Throttle response is exemplary, the brakes and the North Star is a nice little growl when provoked.

Despite its top-heavy front-wheel drive chassis, the quick corners DTS without 70 of the police series tires squealing understeer or scenic trips. Praise be to Magnetic Ride Control GM, which virtually eliminates body lean. Unfortunately, the DTS 'numb (but accurately) make steering a killjoy, and the shallow, puffy seats that fast left corners left cheek marks against the VSG.

In a straight line, Bump is compliant suppression brand, though not without a slight vibration effect on poor surfaces (and much less Novocained in the lower spec models). At 80 mph, the DTS-cruises serenely except for some wind noise around the windshield and a strange pulsating feeling through the tiller. With only a four-speed Hydramatic transmission swapping cogs means Motorway overtaking lots of noise and little willingness.

And so on the trunk, the lid swings as freely as the members of The Black Key Club. Yes, it is large (the tribe). But it's ugly. Perhaps the only thing nastier than the DTS "..'s Mouse fur headliner the rancid rabbit fur the rear cave And then there is the trunk mat Good idea: rancid rabbit fur on one side and rubber on the other (for" wet work "). But the colors do not match.

And therein lies the story. Never Mind the DTS 'po-faced style. Never mind the lack of interior refinement. It is obvious Cadillac not bothered to sweat the small stuff. When you clock the DTS "prize of equal size, similarly equipped German or Japanese rivals, the $ 41k and up Caddy be the cheapest alternative, by a large margin, with no incentives. So what? The DTS is not as good a car . Even within its own jurisdiction it falls short.

Unless GM stops stiffing Cadillac designers and engineers when they start with a clean sheet of paper, once again, the brand has peaked.