Pontiac Solstice GXP Review

Posted on 01. Mar, 2007 by in Auto News

I once drove off the road, screaming at 80 mph. Why? I was in love. If love is blind, men do irrational things. Go as far as healthy, loving relationships that was a harbinger of my off-highway excursion wrapped a malignant tumor in an iron lung. I imagine that is the possession of a Pontiac Solstice GXP a similar matter. ". Femme fatale on wheels"; Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the prosecutor calls her, I ask you: How could something so beautiful be so damned dangerous?

The Solstice GXP is the first modern car that I have ever felt so lick. More hygienic, the petite Pontiac is a slam dunk that breaks the back of the beautiful. I could the velvety sexiness every angle. The perfectly judged headlight cluster. The long, European nose and correctly modeled flanks. The classic five-spoke alloys. Suffice to say, look at the pictures. Well, OK, here's one:

Great escape looking rear ends car designers for decades. The Solstice does it right. Park the Pontiac derriere next to a TT convertible and Ingolstadt droptop looks like a bug in a soiled diaper.

Entering the excitement Division roadster, I was not entirely discouraged by the usual litany of sub-Third World internals. In fact, I had only a hard plastic edge capable of cutting open meat (ideally near the door handle position). And as a designer employed could place cupholders behind the elbow to open strategically located when selecting second gear?

Please do not blame nitpicking. The laundry list of ergonomic disasters continue.

There is no oil temperature gauge essential for aggressive GXP'ers who desire a touch attack. There is an oil temperature gauge, but you have to change a button on the steering wheel to see it. Only the steering wheel buttons are too small for the human thumb. And even if there is a correct doctrine, it would not matter, the deep set dials are illegible.

If the Solstice debuted, it was rightly criticized for a center tunnel harder than tooth enamel. For 2007, Pontiac was trying to fix the situation by installing a plate of softer-touch plastic. It's still so hard and cheap as Katja Kassin. If they only made (GXP) uses of the softer, finer material for the door inserts. Sigh …

Note, I did not even mention the complete and total lack of memory, hidden controls or the fact that you raise and lower the soft top Miata one fifteen times in the span of the Solstice takes is to withdraw only once. And now the good stuff …

The GXP engine should replace any non-V8 in the general stable. In the same way that the displacement of the Cadillac Northstar V8 reduced during installation of a compressor, it for STS-V requirement reduces the Pontiac Solstice. Ecotec I4 the 2.4 to 2.0-liter This was achieved mainly through the reduction of stroke, the engine allows the eager rev faster. Result? Was a four-banger with a single turbocharger and no detectable. No, really. No.

Spits 130 hp per liter, direct injection produces the GXP mill the highest specific output of all GM engine. Ever. The torque is not bad what. With 260 ft. lbs of the good stuff from 2000 – 5300rpm. Sure, the engine as of sick watches could (which is embroidered with the constant just before the wheel?), But is made with the top down and the monumental Thrump-a-Thrump from clownishly oversized wheels, nothing sounds less matter.

Performance? Rest to 60mph happens in less than six seconds. An MX-5 Miata takes about seven flat. That's a big difference. In strict, straightforward terms, it is worth the few thousand extra for the Pontiac. If the truncated (and quite brutal) Corvette drive train, a bit more massaging of the tinkerer, 60mph would be living in the low 5s, if not less. But what if the road bends you know,?

Here is the truth. At or below 8/10ths few cars are as entertaining to fling around bent backroads as Solstice GXP. Turn in: sharp. Chassis: flat. Attitude: neutral. Brakes: flawless. Push a little harder and the car fails completely. The steering comes from vague to dangerous. The suspension groans and stops thinking clearly. The transfer back starts. You are suddenly the feeling that you are a driving a mutant machine cast-off pieces from other vehicles to overcome. Which, of course, you are.

How can Pontiac get so much right (see engine) and at the same time get so much wrong (everything else)? Enthusiasts (Ok fine, Alfa Romeo and Triumph owners) are in fact the other way when confronted with the sins of their beloved. Solstice GXP buyers will be able to do the same? Sure. All in love fairly.

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