Acura TSX Review

Posted on 06. Apr, 2007 by in Auto News

Badge engineering is the bane of existence piston head. Or is it? Actually bad badge engineering is the piston head of the pariah. Most adventures in Radiator swapping produce win soulless cash as the Mercury Monterey and Chrysler Aspen. But to say some automakers "synergies" in a way to respect, I dare advance-the identity of the participating brands and produce a real bargain. Case in point: the Acura TSX.

The Acura TSX is nothing more than a Euro-market Honda Accord Type-S fitted with the Acura calipers its grille, trunk lid and steering wheel hub. It is best / worst badgineering. But as I threaded through the Oakland Hills TSX my test, its six-speed with the thumb and forefinger snicking flicks, teasing the glorious engine 7100 rpm redline, suppresses the car quiet urgency every bitching about bloodlines.

Stylistically, the Acura TSX is all. Parked next to its step-up sibling, the Japanese brand over family resemblance is unmistakable. The TSX yourself staring with the same squinty, clenched face as TL. It sports similar crisp, Wedgy body. Compare this sensual sheetmetal sleight efforts to Mercury, where the products of different expressions of surprise (Montego) wear, united malice (Milan), and solidification (Grand Marquis), loosely by their sparkling waterfall grille.

Most Badge Jobs fatal stumble at the second hurdle, they try to cover their trailer trash genetics stingy with the upmarket switchgear applications and gussied up dashboards. The TSX 'Euro Accord cabin shares virtually nothing with its cheaper cousin, chubbier U.S. spec. Thanks to the TSX 'shorter wheelbase and narrower track, it provides a much cozier and more intimate work area than the Accord.

High up on hip-hugging seats, measured TSX pilots a slim, sleek instrument panel made flexible polymers. A narrow band of aluminum raises its contours, flowing seductively from one door leaf to the other. The TSX 'cabin appeals to Type A and B personalities, anal retentive will marvel at the luxury budget ($ 28k MSRP), while rising slackers clicks on the lean surface of grains and subtle switch.

Bargain Prices TSX relieved of the obligation to, and drive a BMW 3-Series. Which is just as well as it not. Without a wheel, does the TSX 'front-wheel drive configuration, the dynamic game to BMW. Speed Demons would also do well to remember that the TSX is built on an Accord Type-S, not a Type-R.

This means that the TSX 'road manners are not without merit or, say, most of Honda and Acura's "low-fat" cars "fun.": Poised easily manage on their feet, searching for input. The TSX pushes these family genes. But it also turns down the screws a little tighter, while dial-sophistication. The result is more reassuring than it with, but the TSX the hairpin savvy is undeniable.

Much of the TSX 'confident nature stems from its steering. While it is not able to keep up the 3-Series 'point cloudiness or tactility, the TSX' is weighted tiller quickly and with virtually no slop skillfully through the corners. There is also to control any torque to set the driving stability. Why it should be, with no torque?

Gutless are rev-happy fours other Acura brand, established by two decades and Integratude RSXedness. The TSX '2 ,4-liter mill is attenuated and refined in order. Anonymity in everyday speeds Less wonderful, it never feels as strong as its 7.2 seconds zero to 60mph time suggests. Some adrenal adventurers enjoy reaching the 7000 rpm power peak, others will wonder why they did not try to swing the payments on a V6 TL.

Never mind. Who needs torque when you've got the sweetest shifter? This side of a Honda S2000 The TSX 'interface of the action is as oily as a Buick salesman and as accurate as a Leicaflex. No rivals-front-wheel-drive or otherwise plays snick-or-treat, as this transplanted Honda. (Those interested in the optional automatic should know that the little "D" for "dull" is).

And speaking of meaningful, guaranteed by the TSX 'line a bounty of mundane pleasures. Spacious, well-fed trunk? Check. Prudent fuel consumption? Check. Reliability? Red dot ready. Talk about a peace of mind Accord …

Fortunately for Acura, the company badgineers enjoy a unique advantage over Detroit residents: You can not diss the heritage of the brand, which does not exist. That is, while Acura might not complain with the historical baggage Lincoln, Mercury, Chrysler, struggling Saturn and other platform pimpmeisters, it still lives or dies by its products' inherent charm. Accord or not, tick the TSX all the right mass-market boxes .

So, Detroit tinkerer and bean counters, repeat after Acura: "I will use only on foreign products, IF I stylistic and tactile continuity of the brand for which it is respected, I will not try to expand solely on my brand lineup. , but enrich it. "In other words, the TSX is proof that badge engineering does not have to be nitpicking bilious bonanza. Hey knew who?