Land Rover LR2 Review

Posted on 27. Apr, 2007 by in Auto News

In 2001, with the parachute Land Rover their not-so-cute ute across the pond. The Freelander landed with a splat. Gas was cheap and SUV XXL is dominating the landscape. What's more (or less), which had 174 horses Freelander technologically picturesque demanded reliability and forgot to show to crash test for the provinces. And so, the second generation Land Rover Freelander, the LR2 forgettably said, shifted to the American market. This time, sales of large SUVs in the toilet, there is a burgeoning compact SUV market and traditional Land Rover input costs LR3 (Discovery nee), now a raised $ 45k +.

To attract entry level Prestige SUV buyers have Landy of the spring-man conjured up a Range Rover mini me. While the LR2 reflects the venerable brand it-is-hip-to-be-square clamshell bonnet soon the LR2 designers to create corners and smooth edges finessed a rugged yet sleek look. Chunky details abound: big wheel arches, fixed headlights and the gills. Persona and avoid its balanced proportions on stilts, which ruined many of today's small SUV (eg Acura RDX). The LR2 probably the best looking SUV on the road today have.

The LR2, the light and airy cabin continues and expands the brand Land Rover, the luxury-in-the-wilderness theme design. Yes, its plasticky leather seats are simulacra to market, and the fit and finish is much so-so. But the LR2 inside successfully straddles the line between mountain and shopping center. For instance, the monolithic center stack all off-road functionality Landy not use owner, run with a "set it and forget it" Terrain selector and children's bread crumb navery Sat There is enough grip knobs and big ass button to ford streams, climb slopes and withstand the rigors of endless parking congestion e-gizmos adorned enabled.

Although the LR2 is a utility player, M, L and XL friends over to the second row bench not be satisfied. If you fold the seats forward, the LR2 Cargo hole store is not enough equipment for a softball team, let alone a Saharan stay. And the reasoning behind-the-fob gimmicktastic use the LR2 start-stop button is lost in the mists of the BMW. The earlier it is in the land of the Altezza lights and chrome gas cap, banned the better.

The LR2, the 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder is good for 230 horses. On paper, this is not a lot of power for a vehicle with a weight of two-and-a-quarter tons. But the I6 produces abundant deep grunt (234 ft.-lbs. Torque @ 3200 rpm), the six speed autobox seamless cog swapper and the engine is as smooth as the Queen ermine robes. The LR2 is building power with such seductive ease around that you do not mind hanging and waiting for 60 mph to arrive (from the rest, 9 seconds).

Even on optional 18-inch wheels, the LR2 independent suspension effects from nasty pavement and huge boulders Potholes. If you can cope with body roll, the LR2 keep reasonably tenacious grip during brisk cornering. Just like the interior is splashed with Eau de Landy, the driving experience combining the best of the car and truck worlds. The LR2 is as easy to maneuver as a car, but still gives the driver truck-like weight and solidity. Better yet, give the LR2 helmsmanship a premium feel and provides the same laissez-faire feel found in the rest of the Rover model range.

The LR2 is designed for adventurous drivers with the above four positions Terrain Response ™ doo-hickey that helps with various electronic controls, including a modified version of the Volvo Haldex all-wheel drive and Gradient Release Control (what the vehicle climb steeply works hill without driver skill / intervention). Still determined off-roaders is to abolish this unique their list, the LR2 is fogged the city slicks (235/60VR18 all-season tires) and has no low-range gearing.

Environmentally sensitive and fuel price-conscious shoppers also the LR2 is a pass. Like all its stablemate, the punch LR2 guzzles gasoline, its official fuel consumption is a monstrous 16mpg in the city and 23mpg on the highway. That's slightly better than the big bro LR3 the equally amazing (and not in a good way) fuel consumption. But the most amazing thirst LR3 can justify his no-way-barred off-road capabilities. (Americans miss the diesel option, which turns tons of torque and gets 30 + mpg.) Reliability-oriented buyers clock Land Rover well deserved reputation for mechanical violations of the law and pull back their ten-foot pole in horror.

Land Rover to Ford bleeding money (for now), but it does channel traditional British automobile spirit. The LR2 is not particularly fast, consumes too much gas, cramps, and passengers can not with a Jeep Wrangler off-road. Land Rover reliability may have improved in recent years, but it's from the "worst of a mile," went to the "worst." The LR2 will be completely overwhelmed in the distribution of Asian, German and even American competition. And yet it is a very charming machine: a true Land Rover.