2007 Buick Enclave Review

Posted on 24. May, 2007 by in Auto News

When better cars are built, Buick will build them. They are now building the CUV. Huh? An automobile brand, whose lack of identity has kept it alive for well over a decade wants. A piece of a vehicle genre that has a little of this, a little of it, and nothing special GM make-ready, that "greed" – to Buick a CUV-shaped badge-engineered bone demonstrates the company mothership of the abject and the current inability to create a coherent plan, "damaged" his (ie terminal) Buick brand throw develop revive. What is it with these guys?

In any case, a vehicle gets the Enclave, a crossover epic dimensions forces us to the genre-expanding definition of "cute ute" to "the bastard child of a minivan and a full-size SUV." That is, Buick CUV on steroids is a surprisingly graceful design. Good chrome accents judged in abundance, from the door panel to the blinged-out wheels. The premium paint is worth the extra money cash, a pearl coating enclave spizzarkle make Cadillac owners in their dark plum juice.

The purpose of these proportions porky lies within. Than Blue Danielewski House, the Enclave is bigger on the inside than the outside. Sliding second-row seats can be as much or as little space as a return is required, depending on the desired degree of family bonding. Optional middle row seats to the capacity to eight, for maximum character education. And equipment in abundance what backseat driver. Their choices of entertainment and the environment

Although I GM courageous decision to applaud the blind rent finish to suit the Enclave interior, beige leather trimming of the model, the floor and ceiling clash with the ashy brown door that is irritating beset with medium-shaded wood accents. The plastics are alternately hard and soft-soft, where contact is inevitable and harder dare enter where only masochists (especially after the first, disgust-inducing contact).

Brushed metal trim on the door handles add (?) The boggle factor. The dash has a similar lack of coherence, chrome trim and an analog clock complete the WTF factor. Wood also makes a guest appearance on the steering wheel, play the role of polite but untrustworthy foreigners. Note to Buick: wood or metal, choose a side.

The number of instrument panel controls never reached the level of an MDX sheer distraction, but it's not for lack of trying. After a short tussle with the enclave electronic controls while attempting the memory function to break my kneecaps, we were on the road.

After driving a selection of super-sized SUVs, I straightened out for battle with yon steering wheel, just find it amazing light and responsive. The cabinet enthusiasts can be disgusted by the lack of grip and steering feel, but then they are not likely to acquire some of these epic proportions. The average luxobarge will appreciate the enclave simple, quick steering and wonderfully comfortable suspension.

In fact, is easy to forget you're trying a pilot project for a 2.5-ton to brisk acceleration. With its V6 kicking out 275hp and 251 ft.-lbs. Torque, the natural enclave literally behind their rivals. Zero to 60 takes 8.4 seconds, the. Acura MDX gets the job done in 7.2 and the Mazda CX-9 comes in 7.5

The enclave of six-speed automatic is a step ahead of standard GM fare, but the gear is up early upshifts and downshifts late, was with a heavy side of the gas. You can take matters into their own hands with lever-mounted buttons, but chances are you are not.

The Enclave comes equipped with airbags for all and the usual alphabet soup of safety equipment: ABS, TPMS, ESC and anti-rollover logic (if you do not use common sense). Nav-equipped vehicles have a rear view camera, a practical option in a car with so much bounteous booty.

The $ 33k-ish (and higher) front wheel drive Enclave offers a considerable amount of value for the driver, can appreciate the subtle luxury within. Actually, "near luxury" quite nails it. For significantly less money than their foreign competitors luxury, you can buy a Buick Enclave and pretend you're a medium-to large-size luxury SUV, without the handling, performance or reputation of the ride.

Alternatively, for a few thousand dollars less, you can either buy one of the non-identical twins enclave: the Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia. Or wait for the Chevy version. Or just ask why GM builds better Buicks in China, and then sells four versions of the same CUV in America, reserving the best looking one for her moribund division without him, a real V8 distinguish it from its automotive homonyms.