Cadillac SRX Review

Posted on 11. May, 2007 by in Auto News

Car-based crossover (CUV s) are America's SUV rescue capsule of choice. Domesticated SUV from Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Ford, and more grace have found, as their senior homonyms. Although GM was late to the crossover party, the GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook are (at least for the moment), highly competitive products. At the top of Cadillac stands pat with his three-year-old SRX. For '07 Caddy is trying to revive its CUV with a new interior.

Yes, well, first impressions last. Here's the long and tall of it: the SRX looks more like a station wagon than an SUV, albeit a very BIG wagon. From the front, the SRX carries a surprisingly restrained version spizzarkle prow Caddy. From another angle, the vehicle "Art and Science" increased work at cross-purposes to a distinctly disjointed multi-level range of window shapes. There are some strange details: fly-eyed headlights, boomerang rear lights and the like. Overall, the genre-straddling SRX many generic GM about it. The best way is stronger than attractive.

And thus in the interior.

The SRX 'center console benefits from a much-needed renovation. Old console central feature-a large, featureless mailbox (CD and DVD slot) – has disappeared. The display takes its rightful place center dashboard, with an analog clock on the top and two large rotary climate control buttons below. A chrome strip surrounds the housing and the new crossing gauges. A wooden bar (complete with hidden dash cubby) halved the cabin.

In general, the '07 SRX "fit, finish and soft, partially handcrafted materials is a cut above the previous models. Bend In particular, bedevil details. The thin plastic door pockets even when you insert streets deliveries. Trim around the vent rings reflected directly into the oversized side mirrors. The seat secured to the seat in place of the B-pillar, thereby adjusting and inviting decapitation for shorter drivers.

The SRX "touchscreen navigation system is a disaster. The screen graphics are crude. Voice instructions are vague and imprecise, suggesting rotations on the street that (only bent once put us on the Blue Ridge Parkway without starting our target). By contrast, the optional Bose. 5.1 Cabin Surround DVD-based digital audio system, a wonderful device. Played by the '10 SRX speakers, Pink Floyd never hallucinogen

The SRX 'intrusive transmission tunnel makes the second row quad (not quint) compatible. Despite the Caddy considerable length, the SRX "third row is best suited prepubescent children hiding in closets like. On the positive side, is always in the process of returning Sun convoluted they probably fall asleep from exhaustion when they arrive. After loosening the headrests, the dryer motorized chairs and third row stow in a sloth-like 35 seconds. If you're still awake, you've got enough space for several large boxes of lifestyle brochures.

Our $ 38k Caddy SRX holster 260hp 3.6-liter V6 with a five-speed autobox (the '07 V8 gets six teeth). Located the two overhead engaged, multi-valve engine smooth and responsive in waft mode and throaty and powerful when stomped on. Although the SRX engines to 60 mph from rest in a respectable 7.2 seconds, occurs over highway at about the same pace as the folding seats. Plan ahead, leave early.

On long sweepers, Caddy crossover is a confident companion, absorbing waves and the response to small steering movements with grace and not something dissimilar