Honda Element Review

Posted on 18. May, 2007 by in Auto News

According to market researchers, the American car buyers tend to ask, "I will look cool in this thing?" As "this is the most efficient way to get from point A to point B." Despite Honda's rep for the construction of the automotive equivalent of sensible shoes, Kochi Kondo CEO understands that America's love affair with the automobile gets kinky from time to time. Well, if he did not before, he does now, according to Honda Element Bizzaro somehow found favor with American gray panther platform refugees. You can almost hear him sing in the karaoke bar "you have to fight to! Your right to paaaaaarrty"

The party-in-a-box that Honda with the name "element" seven inches shorter than the CR-V SUV on which it is based. As for his plate while you as a cross between a lobster and a Ostraciidae is not horrible, and for itself, is the element 'outside covered with acres Faux Rubbermaid. The plastic coating makes the car look like it is fresh from a pick-and-pull. No wonder Honda began building more elementary (ie, monochromatic) Elements (for $ 500 extra).

Unsuspecting passengers try element, rubber seats slide behind the rear doors to gain entry. Not so fast, Mr. Bond. These are not door opening devices. You are hinges! Yes 007, Honda's Urban only Activity Vehicle flummoxes aspiring occupants back "access panels" (aka suicide doors). This eccentricity makes exit in tight parking monumental as Elemental. Sheriff JW Pepper might say back that ass up Rubbermaid boy, or it is not always "in.

Once you properly informed and strapped, your senses will tell you why Honda can sell just about everything from lawn mowers to jet aircraft to a shoe box on wheels: build quality. The element of supportive seats are worthy of a far more expensive vehicle. In fact, every point of human interaction-air vents, switches and HVAC have a solid feel that exudes quality. It's a trick Volkswagen invented, perfected by Honda.

There is a notable exception to the element of the cavalcade of ergonomic excellence: another cheesy single / double-din radio. An optional subwoofer is probably the least satisfactory answer to the challenge of listening to acoustic homing only slightly better than Ye Olde Close N Play. In fact, Honda has budget ICE machines aftermarket radio shops hold in the economy.

Features for generations at the end of the alphabet developed a structured urethane floor (which the manual warns you no hose), rear seats in a "bed" (for people 4'3 "tall) and a mini-flip tailgate (for mini-fold tailgate parties). Bling Master appreciate the element of "copper" accents (in SC trim), "root beer" metallic paint and 18-inch wheels. too you can put an element of real-time Honda ™ (contrary?) wheel drive system.

Honda Element fits with its ubiquitous 2.4-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder engine, good for 166hp (up 10 hp for '07) and 161 ft-lbs Twist. Pitted against £ 3500th Rest to 60 mph takes about nine thoroughly unspectacular seconds. Unfortunately delivers full throttle stompage typical four-banger thrash.

The element of the dash-mount gears can put piston head noses, but it proves more entertaining than the appearance, location or suggest rubbery feel would. The five-speed slushbox is more economical than the manual (22/27 vs. 21/25 mpg) and only slightly less entertaining. The steering and ride are smooth, heavy and vague, and that's OK. Who wants to throw a 70.4 "tall box in the curves, needs head / license investigated.

Honda claims that "one look tells you the item is for those who are built to live their own way." Apparently, all these unique buyer to have to carry large amounts of styrofoam. With rear seats removed, the element connects the back of a Ford Transit with the weight carrying capacity of a French poodle (675 lbs. Max load). The item will tow 1500 lbs., Unless you are willing to make the already slow car into a four-wheeled glacier.

Boy coming down 'on us Honda dealers with $ 20k-ish in the hand (or daddy's AMEX) will then pass through the element of the cousin of the CR-V. The savvy shoppers to consider among them that the new CR-V is only slightly more expensive. The extra money buys more sophistication and a fifth seat, better fuel economy, handling, resale value, the visibility and the ability to overcome more than a pebble on the road.

Still, you can not blame Honda for activation on the fact that common sense is not so common. And it must be said that the element is an extremely safe vehicle, complete with five-star crash ratings, Vehicle Stability Assist, the latest brakes and airbags nanny much. So if the younger set element older drivers, asking what they think about their whip, there is only one possible answer: sure!