Porsche Cayenne Turbo Review

Posted on 04. May, 2007 by in Auto News

Global warming. Some consumers consider hybrids responsible reaction. Others are busy making one last toke on the tailpipe of extravagance. Pistonheads, I have a bong for you! After accelerating Porsche 2.5 tons of bricks to 60mph in less than five seconds, I can only conclude that you NEED a Cayenne Turbo even if only to escape the Earth Day crowd threw rocks at your window. The turbo is pointless and politically incorrect and better one now, especially the oil and clean air are gone forever.

The previous Cayenne Turbo was from the same people who (splash? Genetically engineer?) Train WWF wrestler styled. The '08 model is even less in touch with their feminine side. In fact, sees the new turbo mammoth grill to swallow a Miata as a whole. In the rear, quad pipes sticking out of my tester prison wall behind was an interesting contrast to the trailer hitch ($ 630) is located between them. Porker of the 21 "wheels ($ 4145) had me. Checking my fillings ($ 375)

The Cayenne Turbo ($ 93,700) comes standard with many modern conveniences: satellite radio, heated seats and steering wheel, dual zone climate control, etc. For less than the price of a Kia Rio, will be happy to upgrade your dealer his profit Comfort to the required extremely. How about a cool looking Cargo Management System ($ 590 or the same price as 118 rubber bands)? The panoramic sunroof ($ 3,900) is a must-see. But I'm not so sure about the rear camera and park distance control ($ 1680), I would rather pay a spectator $ 5 every time I need help secure.

The Cayenne Turbo nav system was wondering about the price of the tour guides. I swear: Werner Von Braun was not in operation of this system. After my partner and I were driving (lost) momentarily disoriented, he fumbled with the 39 buttons to the nav screen for a good 10 minutes. We eventually gave up and retraced our missteps.

As you came from a German automaker, the luxury sports car truck built on purpose to be expected, the Cayenne Turbo has a few hours to learn. Although the leather makes the class, the plastic switchgear is not pleasant at this price and the former operation of the Cayenne folding seats is maddening. Continuation of your OCD RTFM Education last week Bimmer post …

First, press the cleverly concealed bolt, remove the rear head restraints and throw the neck-savers on the ground allows. Next, move to the back of the rear seat cushion, starting on the side of the driver until the bank is upright. Now fold the backrest forward-oops, not enough space. Open the front door, move the front seats forward. Ignoring the effect on the front leg folded, the seats go as flat as they can.

On the other hand get the Porsche engineers Mehta-esque mad props for the production of the "refreshed" '08 Cayenne Turbo even faster than its predecessor ridiculously pacey. (Applied to the Cayenne line) with direct injection technology, the inventors Porsche Turbo boosted to 500 horsepower and increased torque to 516 ft.-lbs. I fear that it must be said: this is an excremental load of grunt for an SUV.

Forward momentum is correspondingly brutal. The Turbo, the weight actually adds the experience in the same sense that a F18 Hornet would not be half as much fun blasting a carrier deck if it weighed half Sun Unlike the outgoing Cayenne Turbo S is not an issue blower was more. While there is a slight delay as the afterburners light up, the two turbos are responding wonderfully well with a wide open throttle and cruise control. As you would hope, are the anchor automotive safety bonds.

Or PDCC Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control: Acronym starved rivet counter (and the Pendleton District Camera Club) in the knowledge that the Sultans of Stuttgart have the PASM-equipped Cayenne Turbo with delight yet another automotive abbreviation blessed. So now senior truck drivers receive a supplement of the active stabilizers (on the front and rear axle) with their infinitely adaptive dampers. Both systems involved (or at least going steady), you would swear that you drove a VW GTI with sand bags in the back.

Also draws the Cayenne Turbo Fuel: 12 city, 19 highway, and much less driven buy if bound by the type of person to this amazing luxobarges. But hey, it's better than it was but the EPA test method has changed, so it does not seem at all, and how many people are really interested? About as many people who've taken this thing off-road.

When you are ready to party like it's 1999, the 2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo accelerate gargle gas, brake and handle know better than the competition to see if there is any. It is an extremely capable, completely unique and completely unsustainable vehicle. Nice Porsche one.