Mercury Milan Review

Posted on 11. Jun, 2007 by in Auto News

Milan is the fashion capital of Italy. Get off of the beaten path and it is a combination of industrial parks and urban sprawl with little more charm than Trenton, New Jersey. Still, you have to Fords besieged almost luxury division credit for naming its hecho en Mexico Fusion derivative after the home of Alfa Romeo, instead of giving to the alphanumeric suffers Lincoln to take on the same model. But the question remains: Mercury glammed-up Fusion Is a credible fashionista or industrial waste?

The Milan Grill is the most striking difference between Mercury mid-market sedan and the car on which it is based. While Ford their front-driver's front room decorated with Venetian blinds, vertical, Mercury chose. Less obvious is the lower front part of the Milan is more pronounced, the lighter work less blingy, the wheels and the rear lights look less handsome … as an aftermarket afterthought.

Subtle as they are working to change. The Milanese projects greater maturity and fullness as his FoMoCo donormobile. And compared to the redesigned Toyota Camry, the front end looks like a saggy-nosed boxer after years of cartilage pulverizing abuse, the Milan is elegantly beautiful.

Color has a Jekyll and Hyde at the Milan face. Produce the more vibrant colors-Redfire Red, Ebony Black and Dark Blue Pearl a welcome contrast to the crystalline headlight cluster and chrome accents, the project required eau de upscale. Conversely Tundra not bland colors-Charcoal Beige, Dune Pearl, Light, Satellite Silver, Silver Frost or Tungsten Silver, a pale and pasty range of perishable pabulum.

The Milan interior is proof that Ford knows how to design and build a comfortable, elegant and ergonomic interior. OK, the extrusion gap can be seen around the dash top cubby from space. And most of the luxury things that basic climate control, heated seats, leather wrapped steering wheel with secondary should be checks, etc. – is optional (bumping the price to Lincoln Milan Fusion same). But there are some really nice touches.

For example, the Milan centrally positioned analogue so not plastic and the wood is. And kudos to Ford Mercury for smart center storage bin, an MP3 docking station, Nintendo-friendly PowerPoint and change holder connects.

Milan's elegant monochrome teachings could be a hint of red, as in REDLINE. While it is not important to avoid driving a Milan with a five-speed automatic, Pistonheads decision for gear changes (available on the four-cylinder engine) to rely on their ears trip the motor equipped self-maintenance software.

Like the Fusion, the Milan comes in a choice of a 2.3-liter four-cylinder or a 3.0-liter Duratec V6. The four-cylinder mill produces a class corresponding power (160hp @ 6250rpm) and economy (23/31mpg). It is effortless and speed accordingly hushed at cruising speed.

Unfortunately, the manual transfer of the 3.31:1 first gear a little too much for an engine whose 150ft.-lbs. maximum torque arrive until 4250rpm. (Translation:. If you rev the engine and the clutch throw north of 3000rpm, do not go nowhere fast)

The V6 Milan offers a very different driving experience. Paired with a six-speed slushbox sets of silk six-cylinder engine from Toyota, Nissan and Honda plants in the shade, smooth redefinition, effortless, economical and reliable. Flow for the entire mid-size market

Just kidding.

Do not get me wrong: the Duratec is a fine engine. But discriminating buyer will notice that. Milan's 221hp six banger running quickly out of breath, especially when compared with Honda Accord (244hp) Toyota Camry (268hp) and Nissan Altima (270hp) The Milan mill is also a pretty thrashy unit, with a decidedly downmarket sonic signature.

Should be removed during the Milan anemia mechanical torque steer, it does not. During hard acceleration, the car rises before the end like a motorboat as the front donuts scrabble for purchase. For less adrenal (read: older) customers, it is not a big problem. This comfort-oriented customers with challenging short and long arm of the Milan (SLA) to be satisfied at the front and multi-link rear suspension braces. Thus equipped, the magic carpet Milan overcomes freeway irregularities with virtually Camry sophistication.

On the fun-to-drive side of things, the Milan carves corners with poise and precision Accordian. I'm not asking for the medium-sized Merc be whipped. But if your inner hooligan seduce your soul of Milan has to keep enough spring in their step, all in the right direction.

At the end of my test drive, I asked my handler why someone buy a Mercury Milan for a Ford Fusion. "Why eat with a plastic fork, if you can eat with a silver spoon?" I reckon that depends on what and where you eat. And even if we accept the analogy, the Milan, at best, a silver plastic fork.

Anyway, the bottom line: for around $ 600 on the Fusion SE, you can buy a few optional trim choices and a little nicer ride. And that's about it. I do not know about you, but that does not sound very glamorous to me.