Grand Cherokee Overland Diesel Review

Posted on 02. Jul, 2007 by in Auto News

Every morning at 4:00 clock, I am awakened by a car alarm clock. It's the sound of my neighbor beginning his daily ride, burning up its 6.7-liter turbo diesel Dodge Ram. The oil burner Nestled in the collection of the snout embodies all the qualities that the American car buyers of a certain age associate with Rudolph Diesel engine. It's noisy, dirty and smelly. His rattle makes the vehicle vibrate like a cheap motel bed. Is not in any wonder Jeep website go their way to advertise the diesel option in his Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland? Yes and no.

This low-key approach to the diesel power extends to the car itself, the only physical evidence that my tester does not snack on regular unleaded gasoline. Subtle 3.0L diesel badge on lower right of Overland tailgate Otherwise, and for the oil burning Grand Cherokee is the same as its gas-powered equivalent course that is not a bad thing.

The tweaked fourth-generation Grand Cherokee (WK codename) is a potent design. The front end combines Jeep near-trademark seven slotted grill with hood trim around the headlights the way a woman's face goes back from her eyes after a facelift. In keepin'-it-real category to a high quarter note rear end allows departure from steep angle marks.

The Overland was named after the Indiana-born car manufacturer of the same name, is the highest spec Jeep Grand Cherokee (just before the bonkers SRT8). Externally, it is distinguished from its more plebian siblings of tasteful platinum accents. Taken as a whole, the Cherokee still looks tight and right, ready, out of sight.

Inside get the Overland Jeep white glove treatment. The seats are decorated with two-tone leather and marked by an Overland logo. Vavona wood burl frames the radio console, gear selector, side doors and the upper third of the leather wrapped steering wheel. Unfortunately each other dashboard surface is formed with the same low-rent plastic that beset every other Chrysler product plied.

Toys abound. The dual-zone automatic climate control uses a Predator-style infrared sensor passenger 'to measure body temperature. Windshield wiper with rain much with moisture problems, while knowing Mafiosi a remote start function, appreciate the works of 300 feet. The Overland standard-fit Boston Acoustics audio system is loud enough to fend off wild animals from two of these away. And speaking of noise …

Kick on the optional 3.0-liter Grand Cherokee common rail diesel and the engine sounds like … a diesel. That said, it sounds like my neighbor truck a quarter of a mile away. And by the time you accelerate 35 mph, the oil burner is inaudibly low on the air conditioning fan-on. A diesel digression …

Although the Jeep V6 diesel BlueTec is NO, it is fundamental for diesel emissions Mercedes' treatment system. This process injects an additive named AdBlue into the engine exhaust gas, which reacts with the nitrogen oxides. Nitrogen and water emissions then through an SCR catalytic converter catalyst particles collected. Should agree Mercedes engines Chrysler Jeep after amputation supply, BlueTec Grand Cherokee could in future in a year or two.

Meanwhile, offers of Overland turbodiesel the type of deep grunt, the off-road junkies sends spasms of joy. We're talking about 379 ft.-lbs. Of torque all the way from 1600rpm to 2800rpm. Although the mill produces only 215hp, the massive low rpm torque shoves you on the highway as the invisible hand of God, if you give it the gas, anyway, diesel. Go to the gas pedal from a stop and the traction control struggles spastically the P245/65R17 Goodyear Fortera the keep from shredding.

But not all is rosy with the new diesel. The Overland pogo stick suspension is so muddy I am convinced optimize invited Jeep Dodge engineers. The super-soft elastic suspension is atypical of other late model Grand Cherokee that I've ever driven. Likewise, out of character: The Overland hard numb steering, piloting the vehicle through the traffic as much fun as weighed makes a garbage truck through a slalom course.

Last week my family cross the plateau of New Mexico in northern Arizona and southern Utah, I heard every 340 miles to fill up my V6 Liberty 20.5-gallon tank. With its 22-liter tank, the diesel Grand Cherokee cruise more than 450 highway miles per tank of gas (estimated 20/25mpg). Road trip pit stops are more bubbles than emptying wallets.

Thus, SUV driving Americans ready to accept diesel power? We'll find out, but it is not the Overland who wins the hearts of his driving public. The CRD option adds $ 2,010 to the Overland price tag (as tested), the increase in the prices for access to the oil burning Club totaled $ 42,285. Regardless of noise, smell or rattle, premium rates and negligent treatment makes the Overland, a glow plug non-starter.