Cadillac CTS Review

Posted on 10. Sep, 2007 by in Auto News

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit … from Acura? Infiniti? BMW? The Cadillac brand is already sliding downmarket so long it's hard to know whose tailpipes hunt them. Back in '02, the CTS offered real hope that Caddy could regain some long lost ground. Although the sigma-platformed mid-sizer was too small for the brand aging lover, it was a believable cast of the German and Japanese sports sedans. In a few years, began Caddy-up competition and left CTS sales in the dust. Now a renewed CTS returns to battle. Is it good enough to make the deeply damaged Cadillac put back in the race?

The revised CTS 'exterior is certainly ready for the challenge. The new model is a combination of elegance and muscularity kicks the competition in their collective step. While plagued with the same sky-high hemline and buffalo butt of the previous iteration, the new CTS benefits from two inches extra length at both ends. The cut lines completely melodic with muscular flanks, fat torches and hot-rod more than a coach of drunken Divas harmonize pipes.

There are some jarring notes. The CTS headlamps emulate the subtle rear tail-finning unwittingly echo the uneven gaps of Regan-era Fleetwoods. Although the CTS 'grille and trunk lid look ornaments true Lexian, mar their childlike proportions false otherwise admirable restraint. The CTS looks more top-heavy than before, an effect that some of the affectation du jour (side portals) and the grill-XXL orthodontia is hidden.

GM Car Czar Bob Lutz was not trash-talking trashy interior since he assumed the throne in '02. Word! From the CTS 'perfectly executed dashtop stapling its quality polymers, soft-touch buttonage and rich leather hides can inhabit Caddy-Sybarites finally relax. Combined with the intuitive ergonomics and minimal electronic interference, says the CTS cabin to take his technocratic competition hike unless its people are looking for Bluetooth connectivity. (Oops.)

Optional woodgrain white, accent lighting (cough, Lexus) and a panoramic roof with a mesh-textured shadow kick it up a notch. The BOSE upgrade gets the party started with a 40-GB hard drive, while the Pimp navigationally challenged with an eight-inch TV screen Jumpin 'out the hyphen C'D. All together, and you know why Cadillac is the artist formerly known as the "Standard of the World", and why hip-hop heroes never lost faith in the first place.

Cut sheet sharp. An automotive interior, makes a mockery of the sterile Japanese and grumpy German smelters. All CTS needs is a set of dynamics as relaxing as a weekend at a spa in Scottsdale and it was mission accomplished. And we would be willing to speak the CTS lope on the head of the pack. Sigh.

Obviously need not apply hardcore corner carvers. Even if they are equipped with the N