Jeep Liberty Review

Posted on 26. Sep, 2007 by in Auto News

Buyers of the first generation KJ Liberty fell into two camps: those who appreciated trucklet for his off-road, bad weather and towing capabilities, and whoever it was thought charming. Let's face it: the oh-it-is not love? Firefighters took the liberty a star, she was drawn to their collective bosom like a Hollywood starlet clutching the only real Friend they ever had (a Chihuahua). The Liberty has become one of America's hottest selling mini-SUVs. As fashion dictates, those days are over. On the redesigned Liberty, called the KK, hopes Chrysler's are cute ute comeback. But this time is neither fish nor foul.

The New Freedom The revised front-end reflects the aesthetic Jeep engineers' angst. The model YJ Wranglers were roundly criticized for square headlights. Sun Jeep mounted a round peg into a square hole. It's not a terrible solution, until you consider the Liberty 70'-style bumper treatment. Although removable for off-road work, the bulbous bumper gives the vehicle a dumb-ass milk mustache (at least in white).

Otherwise, the Liberty offers sheetmetal an ironic return to unrelenting angularity (the curvaceous last tions freedom replaces the sharp Cherokee). Like its Dodge platform partner, provides clean the new Liberty, Range Rover-esque folds. Nevertheless denied the nitro blingery aggressive, the result is a deep, deep generic. Nine vehicles, a look that is not good.

KK is the 2.2 inch long and 0.6 inch wider than before, the conversion of the freedom in a mini-Commander me. NB: This is not a compliment. Despite the rear seats are blessed with an additional 1.5 "of legroom, penetrating and exiting passengers have still a Beatles Tribute (twist and shout). And information is published by Jeep, the KK charge capacity 4.8-cu ft.. smaller than its predecessor's.

Nothing says cost-cutting design quite like hard, cheap plastic and this sucker brought a megaphone. The Liberty dash could be scrubbed with a wire brush without action. On the positive side, Liberty soldiers with an excellent sound system, power windows are back where God intended love (on the doors), and solar and wind worshipers the optional Sky Slider roof.

The "all new" Liberty includes the same thirsty but reliable 3.7-liter V6, the four-cylinder is not graced any freedom since 2001, debut. Ye Olde SOHC, its competitors powerplants What is cashmere wool. Fortunately, the configuration makes abundant torque (235 ft.-lbs. @ 4000 rpm), the need to constantly prove the point. The six "worker-like manner also ensure that the trucklet not the DIY or the great outdoors (tow rating. 5000 lbs) shy.

In 2003 rollover lawsuits on everyone's lips. Jeep Liberty responded by crushing the ground clearance of an inch and stiffening the suspension. The resulting ride quality of an arthritic camel seem like a convenient option, especially walking speeds. Hit a bump at 10 mph in the old freedom and rear passengers skyward started. On the positive side, the old freedom with surprising attitude for a porky truck almost six meters high was cornered.

This issue has been sorted stiff legs and really good. The new freedom of independent front suspension (upper and lower "A" arms, coil springs, low-pressure gas shocks, stabilizer) and five-link rear axle (live axle, upper and lower trailing arms, track bar, coil springs, stabilizer bar, low-pressure gas shocks) make it float over broken surfaces with aplomb all of Luke Skywalker's speeder. If you have a Jeep that feels nothing like a Jeep is looking, this is to have the non-Jeep. And yet …

Jeep engineers sacrificed driver control. The Liberty over-boosted steering rack lacks any sense of center, it tracks back and forth on the highway like a bloodhound OCD. You'd have a professional boxer to pay millions to the type of dive runs the Liberty, if you take stomp on the brakes. And handling any abrupt maneuver is followed by rebound tremor. The Liberty sloppy handling dynamics are only surpassed (or should I say worsted) by the terrible Chevy Trailblazer.

I have one thing to say about the freedom of off-road capability: Wrangler. There is no question that the freedom of the animated Hill Descent Control (see Ma, no feet!) And Brake (we need no stinking slip differential) Assist git 'er done, so that "real" cute utes stuck in the mud, or scrabbling for purchase . But who with serious off-road ambitions nuts would not stump the extra $ 4k or so for the phenomenal location, visually similar four-door Wrangler. Must decide: magic carpet ride or off-road acumen.

Aye, there's the rub. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind, the slings and arrows of a true 4X4, suffering or consolation run in a sea of cute and have to resist them, make a lifestyle statement. Actually, the odds are that cute uters not bite. So who prize freedom above all else? Hey, not to look at me.