MINI Cooper Review

Posted on 10. Oct, 2007 by in Auto News


George Clooney's box office catnip, and the critics' darling. And no wonder: He looks good and he looks better than it looks. But what if you are a film producer can not afford Clooney vig? You get Thomas Haden Church. You know, the guy in Sideways, the movie talk about wine guzzlers. Sideway-producer knew church was not nearly as high profile as Clooney, but it was much less expensive. See where I am going with this? If the MINI Cooper S is unreachable, you should lower your grip? Great savings yes, but you? Still something of substance Now, the church is an Academy Award nomination. As for the Cooper …

It's a relief to see a car that was not in anger developed. Unlike Japanese and German machines sporting menacing headlights and blood-drawing folds, Cooper remains a four-wheeled cheeky chappie. Although the MINI has been maximized for '07, only OCD brand fans make the call. If a MINI enthusiasts meet, just remember that the front indicators are now sitting as laconic "floaters" in the interior of the MINI in the eyes, and the rear window line rises 0.7 "up to the B-pillar as before.

Thanks to the mother of all option lists the Cooper cabin is covered as simple or ornate as you want in funky cloth or leather or pearl or space shuttle tiles. Most of the first retro touches GEN (eg chrome toggle switches and relentlessly ovality) remain in situ. While this design lead differentiators can continue to buyers who provide comfortable, the term "post-modern irony" in polite conversation are to lure the Cooper cabin is beginning to increasingly whacked-out.

Equally disappointing, there are no British-ness of the MINI Cooper. Cocked Eyebrows whimsy has been replaced with the odd strange reason. The large central speedometer of the MINI Mk1 has turned into a plate-sized instrument that could easily double as a weighing scale for The Biggest Loser. However, the ergonomics are bloody but unbowed, and the overall fit and finish is impressive, the premium part mini puny philosophy.

So keep the fob in the dashboard, press the "START / STOP" affectation, and then restart the engine. Hang on, can you? An engine "Fire up" with less displacement than a bottle of Diet Coke In fact, it is amazing to us to buy-by-the-pound Americans that BMW would dare the 118 horses Cooper offer for sale on this side of the pond. That's less than sack feet offered by a low a Kia Spectra. But unlike the original MINI-base (in the exact sense of the word) engine, which is made of rusted toasters in a Brazilian Chrysler plant, the new 1.6-liter four-pot was a peach.

This PSA Peugeot-Citroen are not rev mill as a methamphetamine engines from Honda, but there is plenty of space between zero rpm and 6500 rpm redline. The manual shifter is as smooth as the hair Clooney in O Brother Where Art Thou? Whatever it's oomph, there for the taking. Metrosexuals and their colleagues are pleased to learn that the MINI has finally Continuously Vile gear will be replaced with a suitable six-speed autobox. Punch the pedal or rowing your boat, the best case is still nothing to 60 in 8.5 seconds. Not too long ago you would have been impressed.

In everyday driving, the Cooper has plenty of zip. No, it's not a Cooper S, but it's still a car that will get arrested … sometime. That's because the suspension rewards all efforts to build the big Mon Once you lick one of the speed and to get into the game, the MINI handling seriously addicted. Snap into a corner. More! Press into an S-curve. Is the really all you've got? Surge is a highway ramp at 73 mph. To move down, because damn it, Scotty, we need more power! I dare you to Cooper a few miles without cluck like a cocaine-crazed drive craps players.

Come to think of it, the Cooper is a smug bastard of a car. I unstoppable in this round have. I can carve through traffic. I can fit in the car park. I You get 40 mpg highway. In contrast to this psychotic dust-buster Civic, I got completely customizable character. And I must pay home delivery because I do not carry a peep. Err, let alone the last one.

No piston head worth his TTAC Tic Tac pass up a chance to buy a MINI Cooper S instead of Cooper. Used Cooper S instead of new. Sorted. But let's be honest: there are many people for whom $ 18k is quite a stretch. And no other box has fresh sub-$ 20k car flair half of the MINI Cooper and Elan. Clooney is cool, but sometimes you have to go to church.