2008 Infiniti EX35 Review

Posted on 31. Dec, 2007 by in Auto News

If you are on the market at the most un-SUV-like SUV a big, fast, expensive, thirsty, luggage and mud-aversive vehicle what do you do for an encore? If you are Toyota, make a nearly identical smaller version that is a little more economical. And how do you convince consumers that buy $ 40k FX35 mini-me? They fill with enough electronics to keep an AWACS crew busy for hours. Strangely, this is not the best reason to buy a EX35. Hell, it's not even a good reason. But I get ahead of myself here …

Visually, the difference between the FX and EX no deeper than the discrepancy between Sarah Connor in the first and second Terminator movies. The "coupe inspired" EX is cut a bit more compact and much more than the FX. And that's it. To this reviewer's eyes, the FX ' zoftig Curves are far more attractive than the Bimmer-aping character lines bisecting the EX 'bow and flanks. The EX 'rear window treatment is particularly wrought, a mishmash of shapes for the sole purpose of not mounted in an FX.

The EX 'back-end missing the FX' way cool integrated Kaffeedose exhausted, but the smaller sib helmet leaves no doubt as to whom the letter in SUV it aspires. The Japanese cute ute on the steering wheel is meaty enough to inspire a vegetarian backlash. That is, the EX 'designers clearly decided that G comes before Z in their aesthetic alphabet. To justify the price tag like Lexus, Infiniti, Audi designers have re-benchmarking. Of the climate controls at the red-faced LCD trip computer between the lessons that takes EX embedded in Ingolstadt four rings.

And missed the marque. The EX "line can be as beautiful as Poggenpohl, but the teachings of 'violet cones and oversized font stick out like an oil tin Fosters in a wicker basket wine basket. EX' leather seats can look elegant expensive, but they feel as plasticky as grandmother vinyl couch cover. EX 'knob is suitable Starck, but sits dorkily on dashtop, like a nerd is polyester pants grazing his nipples. While I can appreciate the oil-damped glide a glove box door as much as the next OCD piston head, EX 'cabin proves lackluster imitation is the sincerest form of bad branding.

If Toyota has a "thing", it is gizmos. We talk voice recognition, Intelligent Key (answer so could not the easiest trivia questions), Intelligent Cruise Control (which was Tom), is this "Around View" parking monitor (if you park sideways), a brake actuator Lane Departure Prevention system, satellite Nav (with real-time traffic information), Bluetooth, Bose rays (with 24-bit DAC, 11 speakers, two subwoofers, six CD player, iPod dock and a 9.3GB hard drive), remote control rear seat release (and motorized retraction) and all the usual luxury. Wait. No electric tailgate? Nope.

But it has power. The EX 'fourth-generation VQ engine stumps-up 297hp and 253 ft.-lbs. Torque. To push as max clock in at a relatively high speed, competitive drivers must give the EX 'go-pedal a proper insertion to satisfy their urges accelerating. So motorvated the £ 3752. EX head for the hills as you Tasered its tailpipes. The dash from rest to 60mph takes a shade under six seconds. Assuming you're using the EX 'five-speed autobox' emergency to keep your speed on narrow, long lines of traffic, the SUV will consist in a single sentence.

Is on the debit side, the EX similar rapid FX35 operas enamel missing at full throttle. What's worse, the silence allows the EX 'tire roar in the foreground (damn, those fat year-shoes) come. The EX35 is amazing thirst is another inconvenient truth. Ambling demanded in the city, the accommodation and swallows SUV cargo gas at the astonishing rate of 16mpg. Take the EX like you stole it and the cost of heating you wish you had.

Still, if you had to switch to the long arm of the law in an SUV (closed course, fake arm), you could hardly do better than an EX pilot equipped with the ATTESA ET-S (Advanced Total Traction Engineering System with Electronic Torque Split). If the FX donated crashy rear axle, and the EX 'disturbing tendency to ignore over waves porpoises, the all-wheel-drive Infiniti the same stupid truck tricks, Porsche Cayenne S owners justify their bizarre whip disbelief help mainstream drivers-only faster .

Yes, but you can not drive an off road EX35. Or tow anything. Or four adults comfortably carry. Or their luggage. Yes, the Infiniti EX35 is cute the fastest, best handling of all luxury utes. But who cares? How many people have a really expensive was long jacked two-plus-two sports coupe with a billion megabits electro-mechanical breakdowns waiting to happen just out of a car manufacturer, whose street cred floats in this near luxury nowhere land produces once occupied by Buick , currently home to Acura?

In fact, passing the Infiniti EX 'extreme lack of usefulness of the so-called SUV in extremely dilute niche: drivers who want less practical G35 sedan with a better view, or customers, the FX35 has a smaller, cheaper. Otherwise, well, what was the point?