Honda Accord EX-L Review

Posted on 07. Dec, 2007 by in Auto News

The Subaru Legacy GT, Infiniti G35 and Acura TSX are paid-in-full members of the practical power automotive niche. They take care of the financial responsibility enthusiasts who hoon their reliability served with a huge side and a la carte cog-swapping want. Although Honda's new Accord V-6 packs a 268-horsepower punch, the four-door is a pedal briefly department row-your-own-in. Fortunately, the Accord EX-L Coupe with a six-speed manual gearbox. So the EX-L a category killer or just another vanilla thrilla!

The EX-L Coupe is a rolling homage to BMW's 3 to 8, with a pinch of performance cues adorned: chrome door handles (ew), coffee chrome pipes and 18 "wheels (bow-chicka-bow-wow) (huh?). . and a load of this teeny tiny spoiler No. compensate nothing in terms of sporty proportions, the EX-L is the automotive definition of cognitive dissonance:. a two-door car, which is wider than a standard four-door Obviously the baby to haul a lot of ass.

On the other hand, the EX-L is the bootylicious generosity of the rear seats big enough for at least two adults. Unfortunately, the rear seat is a journey, not a destination; ensconcing in rearmost chairs the EX-L is a tortuous and painful process. Return to the positive spin, the Accord compensated huge trunk for the rear seats "limited access, especially for the coupe drivers familiar with the art to secure shopping bags with shoulder straps.

The view from behind the EX-L, the wheel is strange … feminine. Like the Dodge logo and the Subaru Tribeca, the EX-L in the interior offers up a piston head paean to the female reproductive system. From the way the sweeping dashboard curves inward like fallopian tubes into the uterus slash radio / climate control unit on large, top-heavy H on the steering wheel, Freud would have a heyday.

Yes, well, the outer edges of the dashboard with my knees more than once while I entered and joined leave the vehicle, which. To some decidedly un-Ladylike swearing (Take me, not her fallopian tubes for ergonomics.) As for the radio head unit (so to speak), is Honda's answer to complaints of overly complex controls the engineering equivalent of talking louder. You have made the keys bigger and bigger the font. It may be easier to fall for fat-fingered people through the ICE-menus, but it is no more intuitive than before or BMW iDrive.

Ergonomics be damned. Funsters practical focus on less prosaic things as sheer horsepower. Turn the key, fire up the filly and slip into the bliss that is a well-tuned Honda V6. This mill was all over torque and horsepower galore, paired all other blissfully smooth and easy move Honda gearbox. Scope aside, looked at the people on road and track tire shredder a very respectable 5.9 seconds for the sprint from zero to 60, a hair behind most of the competition. The EX-L does not light your hair on fire, but at this price you Drive Shut Up and.

The ridiculous pipes offer great sound balance between a hearty exhaust note and cruising silence. Punching the gas and cluck you are before you know it. The exhaust is sexy bwaaahhhhh almost enough to drown out the unholy road noise unleash these 18 "tires under you. (I had to double check to make sure a bureaucrat not accidentally send a car with winter tires to the dirty south.) Charitable drivers, the EX L-din a not-so-subtle advertisement for Acura.

In a straight line, the EX-L Coupe silken delight. Try to throw this porker around the corner and you'll be an abrupt reminder of why God invented get rear-wheel drive. It's like talking your drunken, obese buddy to life the rear part of a two-person horse costume. No matter how hard you try, the EX-L is sluggish, the rear end and cumbersome. Eventually you will give up and just pull the stupid ass behind you.

Honda Point-and-shoot steering and sharp turn-in are also not available, sacrificed on the altar of a pleasantly stunned ride. Who manual EX-L is probably more interested in sampling some of Si-style driving dynamics and keep the cups in their holders, otherwise on the EX-L Coupe's suspension tune the meanest things as the behavior of a Honda fit for enthusiasts done in quite some time.

The EX-L Coupe is a conflict vehicle. It is a powerful engine with a snick-happy transmission mated to an average exposure received. It has all the appearance of a luxury vehicle. None of the quiet and little of the luxuriance It is fun to drive, but not really fun.

Yes, the EX-L is a strange offer, as hopes for the Honda Accord as n