Jaguar S-Type Review

Posted on 03. Dec, 2007 by in Auto News

Jaguar is a dead brand walking. Analysts blame stagnant styling for sales somnambulism. To resolve the aesthetic deficit, reach the man behind the ever-popular Aston Martin Jaguar XK beliked the universal (that looks like an Aston Martin) and the forthcoming XF (which looks like a Volvo) written. While fans hope Jag XF is the recently released revive the brand assets again, the model replaces soldiers for another year. I have consecrated comfortable with the fall 2008 4.2-liter V8 S-Type to see what is missing and no one seems to be every-.

We know where XF Designer Ian Callum is on the S-Type of the form: "Our history is precious We must learn from it, but not copy it.." Callum is quite xeroxing Jag heritage, but wrong about the S-Type. While the S-Type is sheetmetal certainly reminiscent of the eponymous saloon from 1963, it is a true original, especially after he had "done some work" back in '05. That's when Jag unnecessary nonsense eliminated (eg the prominent sill plates), attenuated stylistic excess (eg the hideous rear light clusters) and pulled the gaps. The streamlined result shows all cats sporty Jag fans expect and admire.

The S-Type, the details now annoy input instead. The Farewell 3.0 and 4.2 models get a supercharged S-Type R, the oval grille mesh, a charming ancient sporting touch reminiscent of a wooden tennis racket. Jag is the lame duck lower level models with the R blessed the deeper, aggressive front bumper and air dam. Taken as a whole, the cabin and aft S-Type is not your cup of tea, but it is not your father's Jag.

The original S-Type, the car was a mess. Suffice to say, she shared her radio head unit with the Ford Explorer. The current interior touchscreen Sat knavery and precious materials make commoners feel like the colonel of the Reds and Blues. Supple leather in muted tones includes the console, adorns the throne and covered the lower half of the steering wheel. There are enough polished satin mahogany trim to build a fashionable table. Chrome rings more chrome. There are private jets with less luxurious surrounds.

The S-Type 4.2 's engine has taken some stick for his stable yard. "A V8 that stumps up 300 horses?" Naysayers scoff. "You get more performance out of a Toyota / Lexus / Cadillac V6." Actually do, but that is as I said a Powerbar suitable substitute for eating dinner at a Michelin three-star restaurant. Yes, the S-Type 4.2 could be faster. But some other V8s offer such a linear power delivery as creamy smoothness as woofly sub-wooferage under WOT. And even though the S-Type-mill is a few horses behind Mercedes E550, which is the Jag 6.2 seconds zero to 60 time brisk enough to out-pace more plebeian traffic.

The S-Type, the ZF six-speed auto is the same gear that sits in Maserati Quattroporte Automatica. Which really means nothing, but why complain? The shifts are fresh and contemporary. Handling? Sitting on Standard 18, the S-Type is balanced, predictable, and jolly good fun. Although the S-Type tires cry uncle early in the process, is the electronic-minimal intervention. Cane the old girl and you will be amazed to discover the game for them laugh. You chuckle, "I'm going sideways in a bloody Jaguar!" And you're not even English. More importantly …

Back in '03 realized Jag's chassis engineers would they let the side down in the grace department and set about recovering their dynamic brand heritage. To at the front of unequal length wishbones now minimize toe and camber changes, while the sedan forged aluminum upper A-frame contains two fluid-block bushes and an integral ball joint for added sophistication. The upper arm axis is also inclined to improved anti-dive characteristics under heavy braking. Or so I told myself.

I will say this: the outgoing S-Type has the best ride in its class. Potholes, broken pavement and other egregious irregularities are rejected with brand loyal imperious ease. The S-Type, the Magic Carpet Ride makes the car a perfect long-range S Executive (except for its upper end 121 hours miles) and a suitable Town Car sic for ladies who lunch, the. The well-judged variable ratio rack and pinion system uses either tedious with the same equanimity.

The S-Type was. Good innings, the model took two years longer than their eponymous forebearer It is easy to see why it failed, and then not again. The S-Type was not quite right out of the gate, and the subsequent plate and dynamic upgrades received no marketing support. The model also punched above its weight, priced at $ 56k lacked the S-Type, the horsepower cachet, and residual values required to attend to its highly developed German competition. Priced lower …

The new XF performs much more brilliant than the mechanicals S-Type, the thread under his sheet. Soon you will be only able to get one of these fine S-Type as a pre-owned model is the only sensible way to buy one anyway, is to acquire. In fact, it's a pound of chance to get a blood test good deal. Good night dear S-Type. I, for one, will miss you.