2008 Kia Sorento EX Review

Posted on 04. Jan, 2008 by in Auto News

Heavy frost covered Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma, where my sons and I parted in 2007. Thirty hearty souls braved the sub-freezing night for a fly-fishing adventure. Predawn light showed our truck stand sentinel over the smoldering remains of the previous night by the campfire. Through my heaving breath, I examined thousands of small ice crystals form shrines on the SUVs' sheet. A thought occurred to me: Everyone who made the trip to our pine-carpeted glade did so in a thick American SUV or pickup. In this early morning chill, I wondered the Kia Sorento is ready to join the club?

The Sorento is wild harmless design remains unchanged since 2003 (and to do so before 2010). Given the mood of the times, it is not a bad thing for an old school solid rear axle trucklet relatively tiny proportions and monkeys a cute ute (albeit one that does not look like a badly packed linen suit) to hold. As an off-road machine, the Sorento is not a foot wrong, from its beautiful, functional lower body trim his deep generic jewelry.

Even with the EX '$ 2,500 Luxury Package, the Korean car did not hold a candle to its modern competitors. On paper, the group looks great option: leather interior, upgraded audio, dual-zone A / C, heated front seats and alloy wheels. In practice, the skins pulled tight over the Sorento seats of malnourished North Korean thin-skinned cows must come. The tone is what it should be and no more. And not the rest pass the "Hey Martha, get a load of this" test.

Moreover, there are no dressing-up of Kia monotonous downmarket hyphen. Panels fit together as precisely as Dan Aykroyd, the Norge refrigerator repairman character buttocks. The retractable rear cargo compartment cover from the same sticky and tenuous for old white vinyl blinds used manufactured. The Sorento is Spartan layout works by cut-price compact car standards, but that $ 30k Korean has moved a league. How you gonna keep 'em in the showroom when they were on Toyondissan, or Detroit for that matter?

On the positive side, the Sorento, the seat positions and excellent headroom is sufficient for the occupants to 6'3 "tall. Rear knee and seat comfort of the best times of similar size '08 Jeep Liberty.

Luckily for the Sorento, regardless hillbilly Flyfishing little luxury – as long as everything works as advertised and can be cleaned without any fuss. To use the "real truck" market, which strives for the Sorento (necessity), the Kia reliably transport lifestylers and their equipment to their favorite recreational areas. Without worrying reports of long-term mechanical reliability, which is where the Sorento shines.

The EX gets a free-breathing 3.8-liter DOHC 24-valve aluminum-block six-cylinder engine that turns with all the carefree insouciance of a Honda. If your foot reaches the revolutionary penthouse, the mill cranks out 262hp and 260 ft.-lbs. Torque. The Sorento five-speed automatic slushbox lacks the wit to satisfy anyone with leaden feet. His virtue is its ability to swap tender passages with nary a quiver. BUT-there is enough turn to thwart the rear wheel electronic traction control and induce massive oversteer (file under 'Fun').

Equally important, Kia took the middle ground (the escaped Jeep Liberty engineers) between hard and soft rides uncontrollably. The Sorento maintains a comfortable and refined ride without losing their composure completely during abrupt maneuvers. It leans in the corners, as expected, but wins with little rebound.

Kia makes the small mill is sufficient to tow 5000 lbs. While I highly doubt Sorento owners try to pull a trailer of this size, there is enough juice to easily motivate a full load of camping equipment, fishing tackle and humanity on highways and streets less traveled.

Speaking of which, the Sorento is a true SUV in a relatively compact package. The Kia solid rear axle ensures adequate joint for hard uneven ground. The company claims 8.2 "minimum ground clearance and rock friendly approach angle front and rear (28.4 ° / 25.8 °) This dog will hunt also archetypal.. This pot bellied pig on the scale £ 4,277 and festivals. on dead dino juice in the amount of 15/21 mpg.

And speaking of expensive, my 2008 Sorento EX 4