2008 Volvo V70 Review

Posted on 11. Jan, 2008 by in Auto News

Volvo is finite. To grips with the fact that the brand does not stretch much beyond cars Faced with this new / old reality, rumors abound that Volvo S80 flagship sedan ax over her in favor of an upscale car V100. Add in a recent Consumer Reports' study showing that American consumers still rate Volvo number one for security, and you begin to understand the importance of the new V70 wagon. As cars are what keeps Volvo east on their Ragbag, "Getting it right" was necessary. So she did?

In the last 10 years, Volvo has gone from Ugly Betty Swedish beauty. Since 1998, every Volvo model has been bred from the same DNA: restrained styling, sexy hips and hood increased culminating in a barbecue with the classic Volvo sash. Fortunately, the new V70 has all the necessary forms, with the exception of falling back window.

Despite the looks, the V70 is all-new. The tractor is now based on the S80 flagship sedan instead of middle S60. The larger whole car is also equipped with much better interior bits. While the cheaper Volvos' interiors as IKEA specials look, there is nothing cheap about the new V70's interior.

Our Euro-spec tester was matte wood trim and light gray "Sovereign Hide" leather, feel the luxury, former PAG mates Jaguar and Aston Martin cattle wrapper wrapped rivals. Unfortunately, North American buyers do not get premium cow, and anyone found in Sweden ventilated seats were more important in the Arctic as the tropical American South. In any case, all of the V70, the seats are supportive and comfortable for long trips.

The car glove friendly buttons and switches are placed in the usual logical locations. The now-ubiquitous floating center stack is for the ride. While the cute cubby behind a few very small outsized nick-knacks, be placed out of view also means out of mind. Speaking of mindless, receives the V70, the new for 2008 keyless start system. Because the alternative is the strange fob slot is located in the dashboard which makes your keys bang against the dashboard at the gauge level-it's $ 500 well spent.

Regardless of continent, get all buyers of Volvo new two child seats with redesigned curtain airbags. After thorough testing with two children in the correct weight bracket (33-80 lbs), I can confirm that the new feature protects adult mind when struggling. Several descendants aboard

At the rear end put Volvo sets haul stuff at the top of their priority list construction. Inside the power operated tailgate are organized enough options Detective Monk busy for hours (if not an eternity). There are grocery bag holder, cargo divider rails with hooks, nets, straps and lockers. The 40/20/40 split rear seats fold flat easily. As with all Volvos, in the passenger seat and bowing to the gods of goods, loading a 10ft ladder or a full-size grandfather clock is a breeze.

Volvo super-smooth 3.0-liter six-cylinder T6 turbo engine purring under the hood of our Euro-tester. The mill cranks out 285hp and 295 ft.-lbs. Torque. A six-speed slushbox and Haldex AWD (all-wheel drive system) is covered. The V70 is 6.7 seconds from zero. Sprint to 60 feels faster in person, on the plateau-like torque curve, despite its decidedly porky 4100 pounds empty weight

The V70 AWD system "Instant Traction" feature provides zero torque steer for European buyers. Yes, again American buyers get shafted: Both the T6 engine and AWD system euros only options. On this side of the pond, you will need to satisfy themselves with the 235PS 3.2-liter six-cylinder engine, torque steer to endure and grow old as you try to reach 60 from a standstill (7.8 seconds).

On winding roads, the V70 feels almost nimble. The car front heavy nature is abundantly obvious. Through the corners, but the boundary curves is surprisingly high Equally important steering feel is excellent. And if things do break loose the electronic nanny to rein back to a safer angle. The Euro-only active suspension proves to be loyal companion, so no signs of indulging, peak or dip. It offers GTI stiff dampers at the corners for this race from the nursery to work.

While the V70 is not as dynamic as satisfying BMW 5-series wagon or as luxurious as a Mercedes E-Class model the V70 is still a great competitor in this niche market … If you live in Europe. In fact, this is the perfect example of sending the wrong models in the wrong places. 20.3 The T6 model is too thirsty for Europe. But as the base engine in North America? Perfect. And while we're at it, where is our luxe leather, AWD and active suspension?

Volvo to get their product placement strategy is corrected, they will remain a niche player, good car or not.