2008 GMC Acadia Review

Posted on 13. Feb, 2008 by in Auto News

SUVs are evil. Evil that I told you! They represent all that is bad about America: greed, sloth, gluttony, selfishness, arrogance and environmental indifference. Gargle gas, warm the earth and knock poor little hybrids in the coming week. More importantly, it costs a fortune to feed SUVs and devalue how packet of condoms. So, what an SUV-intensive manufacturers like GM to do? Why make an SUV that does not do all that hard-core SUV stuff, spiffy-it-up a bit of SUVs, and sell them to all the people who love SUVs, but hate. Ladies and gentlemen, the GMC Acadia.

Semi-evil or not, the Acadia is certainly a handsome animal. It hits the sweet spot between overly swoopy Buick Enclave (one of the two half-sisters dance ugly lambda) and the excessive angle Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot. Although it is not obvious from photographs that Acadia is huge. It is only a few inches shorter than its GMC sibling (and competitors), the once mighty Yukon SUV. To be politically correct, add or remove GM eight inches rel what the Acadia a PC-pleasing appearance car.

As all three lines CUV, the Acadia packaging is not without problems. On the positive side, thanks to GM "Smart Slide" system, do not get the passengers on the second row in the Wayback Mountaineer. But once ensconced, these poor unfortunate souls, a how-low-can-you-go are banished seating position. You also need to convince the difficult task of second row forward Scootch and sacrifice their Legs Leg room-so that the rearmost occupants should not sit cross-legged like a yogi.

During the Acadia SmartSlide system offers kid-friendly climbing, the center seats admitted driving in large tracks in the floor. What is the bet colored pencils, Lego and French fries clog the trail-disability movement of the seat and cause expensive damage to the mechanics faster than you can say, "No, you get the vacuum cleaner."

Extricating from the back also lacks fun. The Acadia forget the interior designer, get up an assist handle for those of us that are too big, just go and you belong.

Aesthetically, some genius decided in the design department that plastichrome would trim the interior of the Acadia look expensive. It does not work. The trim around the center AC vents curves on top of the dashboard right where it reflects the sun into the eyes of the driver. The trim around the shifter looks like something out of a Wal-Mart boom box. Props for waiver faux wood grain or carbon fiber, but the overall atmosphere do not tell me. $ 40k vehicle

Questionable material quality do not help the situation and do a lot to make things worse. The leather on the test vehicle passenger seat has been cracked and shows his support in one place. The blinds in the cubby in the console had. All the substance of a sheet of writing paper The volume control on the non-GPS-equipped radio felt like it was connected to nothing whatsoever.

When you turn the key to the Acadia, you hear … practically nothing, I had at the tach to see if it had started. Slide the six-speed automatic pedal in the "D" (or "L" if you use the non-intuitive buttons on the side of the lever to want to switch gears), and you're on your way. The transmission shifts smoothly on its way up. But when you floor it the tranny jerks falls autobox than a few gears to drive the 2.5-ton family hauler with some semblance of alacrity.

The Acadia is not fast, but it is also not to block traffic, its 275HP 3.6-liter V6, the big rig wanders from a standstill to 60 mph in just eight seconds. The smooth ride and plenty of CUV soundproofing once sufficient speed is reached, it is a pleasure to putter about the town or cruising the highway. While you would not urge a move Acadia use as an MX-5, the GMC always feels like you are driving something much smaller.

Any illusions that Department are shocked at the gas pump. The GMC Acadia is EPA rated at the 16/24. While this is an improvement over the Yukon / Tahoe's abysmal 14/19, is three-row GMC machine no fuel miser-especially when it. Compared to Toyota RAV4 (21/27)

Q: Do you really need that third line? If you do not face facts: the GMC Acadia offers nothing more than faux rehab SUV for repeat offenders. (Suck it up and buy a nice $ 40k car, already.) If you need space for seven / eight, or does not care a fig about mileage, well, there are a lot of better choices in the $ 35k to $ 45 k CUV price range, and many of the station-wagon-on-stilts, a similar driving experience without the Acadia offer obvious cost savings.

Nevertheless, the Acadia is a good vehicle, what their target audience (mainly GM loyalists) does expect it to do. It is a pity that it was the appeal bean counters removed. If the devil is in the details, it must be a hell Acadia.