2008 Subaru Impreza STI Review

Posted on 15. Feb, 2008 by in Auto News

When I bought my second Rex, I almost gritted his teeth and went STI. But I like to haul more than ass. So I sacrificed, balls-out speed for load capacity and bought the five-door WRX (again). The good news is now the hottest Subaru rally-bred machine is only as a hatch. The bad news: The new STI is $ 14k more than the WRX. Is it worth it?

Not from the look of it. I wonder how far the STI development had progressed when his GM shares in Toyota, which is similar to one before this sucker Partial-Birth Saabortion. Designers have had Subie needs to see a running bet on who the fashion world grotesque nose cars. The STI rear part is also ugly against all odds. Delete Lexus style tail lights? Yuck. Quad tailpipes? The STI's sake only four cylinders for Malcolm Bricklin!

The STI is the only decent side view angle. From this perspective, it looks coach Roger Clemens fired a Saab 900th

The STI inside is a mockery of the price. Someone (Subaru? GM? Toyota?) Replaces the previous car-nice-for-an-economic-box with plastic crap. Mist, exponentially increasing their crappiness taking full account of STI $ 40k price tag. The STI cabin "offers" a cartoonishly oversized (or is that MINIshly?) Tachometer, decorated with green and pink neon that illuminates a deep orange-red. Now that's cooking with the class! Radio buttons on the steering wheel of an STI? In a word, nyet!

However, a large but occurs when you start to move your hands and feet to. The STI-tiller is the right kind of clunky. While it could be one or two inches taller, feel the metal and leather gearshift knob, like the business end of an aluminum bat. And a special call out to the perfectly positioned pedals. For me, a car is set to be better for the old heel-and-toe routine. While I still prefer the JDM STI racing bucket see the USD leather / Alcantara seats and fly to defend sufficient strengthening of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Fast.

Light the fuse and the STI over (but remapped) 305 hp Boxer mill is you. To 60 mph in 4.8 seconds The STI does not feel nearly as slow. If not for the fussy gearing that forces an upshift to third parties, could hit 60 mph faster.

Still, like all Subarus charged, is the 2.5-liter four-cylinder banga useless below 4000 rpm. And because the new heads have variable valve timing tech, the STI has been reduced redline by 400 to 6600 RPM. This is a lawnmower-grade usable rev range, which explains the constant rowing gear. (I happen to love it, but many do not.) STI big bad Brembos are absurdly fantastic. More importantly, it is feel origin, that is exactly what drivers want when braking from triple-digit speeds.

The STI alleged killer app: DCCD. The Driver Controlled Center Differential is for you and me. We're talking about an open center diff that sport clutch-type lock. In standard auto mode, a computer wheel slip and traction control torque accordingly routes between the front and rear wheels. But with a 18 "x 8.5" Potenza on 18-spoke forged aluminum BBS wheels mad-dogged grip the road, what's the point?

In manual mode, you can lock-up range from a 50-50 split to a maximum of 35/65 front to rear. There is choice of three automatic modes: "Auto", "auto +" (for snow and gravel) and "car -" to route more torque to the rear wheels. After screwing around with the DCCD settings for 400 miles, I'm sad to report that the whole system is a total waste of time. I have not noticed any difference in handling save for lighter, less precise steering, uh, one of the modes.

The STI "SI-Drive" control allows the driver to select from three throttle response programs. "Sports" is the default. If you are interested in saving gas, there is an "intelligent" mode, the engine power castrati by 20 percent. While I was the smarts of people who provide STI and concerns on fuel purchases question, I think with the "Sport Sharp" to tattooed on my forearm.

Needless to say, this is because the fully activated 2008 WRX STI outhandles an X-scalpel. Yes, the steering is a bit stingy, and the chassis understeer at the limit, and the mammoths unwanted bump steer tire rolling over the worst bits. But this weakness is a four-wheeled middle finger Newtonian physics. Einstein, too.

True to its rally roots, the worse the road, the better the STI is behaving. In fact, I did not really dig the STI until I fed some broken-up asphalt. Then my love blossomed with an unnatural (and sides) passion.

Thus, the STI is worth 14k bonus? That depends entirely on the current status of your license and your access to the crumbling streets.