2008 Subaru Outback Review

Posted on 20. Feb, 2008 by in Auto News

Station wagon with manual transmission are going fast the path of fedora. In fact, there are more gas-electric hybrids for sale as a row-your-boat stateside car. If you want an all-wheel-drive model, the number decreases. This makes me wonder: What is the meaning of the Subaru Outback five-speed?

Although I do not speak for Sapphic Subie fans can, sex appeal is not raison d'etre of the Outback. Oh, it's nice enough. Trim in a strict, no grotesque posturing you put into the eyes way Subaru has increased the beltline (the Popemobile lose effect), new lights added (there was a sale on Japanese fish-eye), and put a Chrysler logo on the nose. While the Outback looks more expensive than it is now, it is about as quirky as an accountant wearing different colored socks.

The interior is just as exciting and twice as useful. Fold the rear seats and enjoy outback lifestyle load loggers almost as much as schlepitude V70. Although the Subaru Outback has redesigned dashboard, "revised" the inner tissues, added a telescopic wheel (yay!) and the radio buttons numbered 1-5, the cabin is very much of a muchness. There's nothing tasteless, tasty nothing. Well, aside from the meaty steering wheel …

The helmet will bring in the amount of 170 hp 2.5-liter Subaru SOHC aluminum alloy 16-valve horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine. When Porsche went all Jaguar on us and tried to dive down market, this is likely the type of engine I: can be smooth-revving and just about as gutsy as four. But Outback drivers are never in doubt that they will give her a few hundred pounds of all-wheel drive (AWD) tow gear.

The Outback ride is comfortable, without the slightest hint of sophistication. Dry handling is exemplary, with predictable body roll and steering feel enough to tell you when to stop (early and often). Try to accelerate from a few turns and the outback architecture tells you that the vehicle could be another 80 horses and the rest. No-fun-factor could be considered a plus in a cart full of kids and dogs and things and be inflated, but it's definitely a disadvantage when you all alone and late for work. And then …

I was lucky enough to test our base Outback on fresh powder and packed snow. The worse the conditions, the better it was.

Needless to say, I developed an immediate and intimate respect for Subaru Symmetrical AWD system ground time. While other powertrain layout all types of 90-degree bends have to power and reaction SAP, enables the Outback series engine more direct power transmission to all four wheels. At the same time, the low-slung boxer engine has a lower center of gravity, such as bending your knees when you are skiing.

The Outback four-wheel disc brakes with ABS and electronic brake force distribution is watching over each wheel proven itself on the white stuff. More to the point (the vehicle-existence) when traction is iffy, it's nice to stop and more options than just going. The Outback manual gearbox gives the device more sense. Sure, you can auto lever back and forth, crank, but it's not the same as the clutch springs, fan the speed or the engine as a brake.

Taken as a whole, the Outback bites, instead of slides, the snow, it felt like I had an invisible keel cut through an invisible slot in the street. Although she does not have all the toys and much every moment of the entry-level Outback integrity still the bad weather, making it a perfectly reasonable for people who … in the wait for it … Outback live good.

Even if you live in those parts of the country, where you can get to her grandmother's house sans icy winds and killer snow drifts, and you're not likely to go for hours on unpaved roads, the Outback is a different animal. Well, maybe "animal" is the wrong word. Another "animal," one of those zoo inhabitants, which is strange, but not very attractive. Although it still reduce adept at negotiating wet leaves, large puddles and the occasional hopped the curb, the Outback stimuli in direct proportion to the courtesy of your driving environment.

The number of U.S. drivers who prefer a manual transmission is in the single digits and falling fast. But Subaru the right to continue to be a gear shift, low-frills, Outback with a relatively anemic engine.

What is the opposite of a halo car? You know, a car that shows that a popular brand is still in contact with the strict competence that their products challenged financially to the original, mechanically savvy customers? The five-speed is based Outback. Well done to Subaru for not pulling up his roots. Now if they could just take off and turn the STI …