2008 Dodge Durango Limited Review

Posted on 24. Mar, 2008 by in Auto News

I drink tequila Espolon. It is not a question of taste, smoothness or snobbery. Veteran drinkers-like car-buyers know it's always better to buy top shelf hooch to minimize the inevitable aftermath. Get drunk on the cheap and you pay the price (the old "I have to be better, so I can die" routine). For the same reason you buy a Dodge Durango and it will burn all the way to the pit of automotive soul, leaving you with a hangover, the last few years. Where's the fun?

The Dodge boys freshened the Durango for the model year 2008. The SUV shows Chrysler's new "corporate look", shared with the travel and caravan. The muzzle loses the distinctive grille, which towered over the Durango headlights. Instead, the designers injected a shot of Botox in SUVs eyebrows give the Durango a slightly surprised look from the front. Meanwhile, the bumper has a shot of collagen by droopy lips, Angelina Jolie-wannabe flair.

The rest of the Durango sheet is androgynous, blending in perfectly with the growing "no, there are" sub-trends in the U.S. spread The only interesting part is at the back, where to look, the Durango's taillights as a quad-pair B-1 Bomber afterburner. It's a cool breeze on an otherwise completely forgettable outside.

Grab the large chrome door handles, they feel a little wiggle and jerk. The Durango door pops open like an old Pringles box, complete with stale smell sour cream and onion. Hard shiny plastic assault your vision in any direction. The center console is in a shiny "wood", which sees more than covered replacement contact Brand shelf paper. The seller said Chrysler had to use craptastic plastic to reduce costs could be as Chrysler continues to Durango in the U.S. to build, let me say that this is about to close the plant in 2009.

The Durango-chairs are oddly narrow for its target market. The limited window sticker says that they are covered in "genuine leather." Who knew? Thank you Lord Xenu for the designers put microfiber suede inserts in the seats to the former Cowhide keep from consuming anything like kudzu.

On the plus side, I discovered some clever and useful features. Fold the second row cheap forward to reveal the cheap-but-useful-for-two adults row. The climate control was found to be extremely efficient, despite the fact that the seller needs 5 minutes to figure it out.

The Durango Limited comes with a 335 hp, 5.7-liter HEMI engine. Mashing the gas brings the bulls in Pamplona sense. Thanks to a rubbery suspension £ 4900. Truck dollars like a mad cow. And then there's the screaming, the panic as an attempt Durango driver sawing at an anesthetized tip to avoid solid objects.

Still, if you acclimatize the lightweight rowing interstate merger and Two-Lane Blacktop Overtaking is a breeze. The five-speed automatic transmission seems to always find the right balance, and allows the HEMI power away, with just a hint of road noise and fan roar penetrating the thick door seals.

It would be nice if the Durango dismissed terrible ride quality as a byproduct of the massive towing ability of SUVs (£ 8,500). But I can not. The Durango severe shocks and dampers are reminiscent of the 1970-era Wagoneer, the newer Chrysler product creaks, moans and shimmies about almost everything to save Chrysler Proving Ground smooth roads.

Abrupt maneuvers disturb the chassis more than Simon Cowell on American Idol. Piloting a Durango in anything other than a straight line, you're always aware that the mass of the tractor has a will of its own. That's assuming there are no aerodynamic disturbances, while crosswind, wanders the Durango nose lanes without much warning.

Sensible enough (considering America's contentious nature), built the Dodge Durango full-on safety equipment. All Durangos have more airbags than stuntman Convention, Electronic Stability Protection (ESP), Anti-lock brakes and dual-note electric horns (remember to small cars to out of the way). The dealer told me ESC senses when the Durango rolled, and then snaps a wheel to strike the vehicle back onto the roadway. Film at 11 clock.

Driving the Dodge Durango is enough to drive to drink an American car / truck lover. To see how a mediocre and pathetic product from a company that has built some of the typical American car breaks my heart and tears to my soul. With a fresher exterior re-freshening, a better interior, some housing development and a very little steering feel, the Durango could have a big truck instead of a seedy, uninspired characterless hulk.

Clear that the bean counters at Chrysler do not have the time, inclination or money to the Durango to refine in a top shelf product. And so the six buck bottle of Cuervo SUVs.