2009 Jaguar XF Review

Posted on 07. Mar, 2008 by in Auto News

Last month, U.S. Jag dealers sold just over a thousand new cars, despite cut-rate financing. While the total U.S. car market to the south, Jaguar clogged forming device will lay the venerable marque Hades, in a supersonic source. The new XF midrange sedan is this negative wealth by burying memories of the bulbous, musty, shame-fronted S-Type (not to mention the hideous X-Type) to undo. I grabbed a fresh XF out of the van to see if the Jag lobbing snowballs in hell.

Let's get this out of the way. XF The new design is a pale shadow of the C-XF concept, drop dead gorgeous sheet We're talking supermodel over neighborhood bartender. The XF-end is a particularly boring transmogrification, it is a little strange and the muzzle Directory mildest flavor of Volvo. The central bonnet creases are a particularly classless affectation. In fact, one could say that the XF is nothing more than a Volvo in a burlap dress.

The rear end almost saves the day, it looks like an Aston Martin. It's fantastic. But Ian Callum gets no props for designing the same car over (DB9) and (V8 Vantage) and (Jag XK coupe) and (XF sedan). If Jaguar wanted to show a spark of individuality, well, they could hide the door handles in the B and C pillars have.

As for the XF inside, we've all seen the boring press photos that are included here. The company PR Photographers should not be fired just for this four-wheeled shrine automotive luxury.

The interior of the XF, the fit, finish and materials are the best I've ever seen on a production car, without exception. If you are the kind of person who watches a fine attention to detail are appreciated, you can not do anything but marvel of the XF cabin. The wood paneling in my optionless "Luxury" model could trim was a bespoke furniture makers have created. The matte finish is unique and breathtaking.

The XF attention to detail dusting the usual standard bearer Audi. The openings in sight turn when you. The car (royalty payment to Volkswagen Phaeton unfortunate?) Start They boast aluminum inserts to move toward her, with the word 'Jaguar' embossed elegantly on its surface. We look forward to talking splintering of the material on the size of long-grain rice. The same beautifully finished metal sits at the bottom of the cup holder. Every surface is touching sensual. For once, feels a Jag / Ford product … finished.

Okay, so the exterior is lame, the interior of another world. How is it to drive? In a word: Yes. Yes, hopefully in the new XF drives as good as you would a Jaguar would.

Jaguar wanted to build a luxury sports cars in line with its emerging brand heritage tradition, of which Larry the Law Firm Partner neither knows nor cares. What Larry cares about himself: beating the crap out of Bob Benz E350. And with this car, Larry is good to go.

Hunt the 4.2-liter V8-a carry-over from the last generation of the S-Type, the XF-standard-fit engine. "But it only makes 300 hp! Make many V6 engines!" Quit your bitching saboteurs brand so that the business end of my tassled loafers Press taste in an Acura RL. Even with "only" 300 horsepower under your feet, the entry model XF accelerates from zero to 60 mph in about six seconds. In addition, the Jaguar XF is footed driving experience. The six-speed auto is more slippery than snot on a doorknob. The suspension feels tight-lipped, with just enough feedback to make it fun, without being offensive.

There are drawbacks. While the XF is easy on the toes, change direction with confidence-inspiring predictability and hoon-compliant facility, it is not the eternal grip. Can you squeal like a pig? The XF-tire can. And the sports sedan steering is far too light for a car with real performance goals. But overall, driving the XF is like piloting a BMW without the e-nanny hanging over the shoulder.

So much of this car is really – the interior, the chassis, the engine and transmission. Killer depreciation aside, the $ 50k price makes for a fully loaded V8 XF a mockery of the similarly priced, stripped-out 535i. Unlike the Bimmer, Lexus or Audi equivalents and drives the XF makes you feel special.

It is unfortunate that the middle-size Jag was the appearance of a quaint curiosity of a retro OMG concept car to a typical boring sedan. If Jag had found a way to keep the CX-F drama, they had a big hit on their hands. As it stands now, is all that they have some time to kill before Ford sold Jaguar or, let's face it pulls the plug. Even as the swan song lacks the XF does it take to fly.