2008 Buick LaCrosse Super Review

Posted on 30. Apr, 2008 by in Auto News

Normally drive a car with a stonking V8 engine driving the front wheels is like making watching Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh. It's so wrong on so many levels. Can you squeal like a pig? Just like that. Will that dart around like a pig's snout amphetamine-crazed truffle-sniffer? Uh-huh. But here's the kicker: what if it does not? And what if you, uh, please? Makes you have a different piston head? No, it makes you a closet fan of the soft nutty, freeze Buick LaCrosse Super.

The LaCrosse Super is not in the traditional sense as cool in sex-on-wheels or racing-for-the-road. It was is that James Dean / Steve McQueen what happened: effortlessly, it was done, I do not need to show shit (but I can and will). Alternatively, you could say, the Super Buick has a large dose of this unspeakable "WTF did you buy THAT for? "Appeal.

There's no flash. The super-clean the plates offers, feline hips, graceful proportions, a porthole or eight and some double stainless steel exhaust with chrome tips! Everything is round and smooth, a Cars much Debt. There is so little drama in the design, that nothing captivates your attention. He flies completely under the radar, paid not a bad thing for lead.

Some say that the Buick LaCrosse is ugly and cross-eyed. I'm not going to argue me. Why spoil the subdued mood in the Super Cab? Buick has announced its Quiet Tuning technology, but not loud enough. Harassment, use foam, sandwich box and engine sound-sculpting a grave-like creating yet. Put octogenarian remark Buick driver here. And it's true: noise reduction is not exactly a sexy selling point. It has to be like the tenth to the most shopper-list (right after the change holder). But the tonal placidity certainly creates an impression of quality.

Unfortunately, first impressions do not last. This is a Potemkin cabin; sees only the super expensive. The burl wood is buried under more plastic than a fetishist in a PVC party. Gary Wright fans will rejoice in the abundant Dreamweave leather, but the good stuff went to Lexus. As with most GM products of the last quarter century, the plastics are hard and brittle. (Yes, it's important.)

On the positive side, the Concert Sound III nine speaker audio system is you think Sean Hannity is in the back seat (with what? …) And there's a nice set of buttons in the center of the dashboard, which are so simple to manipulate, such as BMW iDrive (after the 10-week course). But push these buttons and the whole case moved ever so slightly. It squeaks "weak".

Not as the super of the 5.3-liter 300 hp (323 ft.-lbs. Torque) V8 engine. As a good little TTAC reviewer, I jumped on that couch rolling the throttle, making the tires squeal like a guest on Hardball. And yet, no torque steer. The LaCrosse Super Goes Like Hell-zero to 60 in 5.7 seconds-a reported directly to the front. No wind to rattle the ice steering wheel in your Manhattan.

I know, I know: Every single post of this car complained of LaCrosse Super to the massive torque steer. But, like so many GM products, the lieutenant general this shit out after the press pool party was over have been sorted. It's a shame …

In the corners, the LaCrosse Super fast enough and not much fun. A large front wheel drive car is always less of a hoot than a rear-wheel drive sedan. And yes, discerning drivers certainly feel the difference in the curves. But the big Buick biggest bugaboo was beaten. Floor, pull your biceps and nothing. Buick achieves this without obvious tricks (ie, wider tires on the front). The unobvious ones: closer fitting teeth on the rack, stricter jacks a stiffer torsion bar control of the variable-effort assistant and a tweaked StabiliTrak system.

Buick magnetic steering's not what I would call pursue worthy, or feel some or or calm, or fun. It works well enough. For parking or emergency lane change, the amount of effort you need is not surprising. If this is a deal breaker, buy a Subaru WRX STI. Same price, same power. (Various Cough. driven wheels, different weights.) While you are working up a weld, the guy in the LaCrosse will be a half-smile.

Sure, Buick makes fastest ever car (150 mph top end) does not make sense. Like many of the GM faithful a vehicle that costs $ 3470 less than a Cadillac CTS V6, a prestige product that blows the same power, a six-speed tranny, a little better mileage, no requirement for premium fuel and less tumbleweeds want the car dealership offers? Or how about a cheaper, rear-drive Pontiac G8? Or anything else, really. Not to mention the fact that the LaCrosse is a lame duck, planned for 2010 compensation. I mean, how many ways You Depreciation say?

The Super is super if: a near stealth wealth machine that makes a coherent case for itself. Assuming you are sick or senile. Or, preferably, both.